Crayola Doodle Penguin £18.74 delivered at Amazon

Crayola Doodle Penguin £18.74 delivered at Amazon

Found 21st Nov 2010
Not a bad price as these retail most places for £24.99

My daughter wants one and there is no way I would be paying £25, so this is a little better I guess, if the nagging breaks me lol!!!!

* Amazingly innovative creative drawing toy
* A fun, unique technology with amazing features cleverly disguised as a cute drawing penguin
* Doodle Penguin literally draws your child fun pictures and activities for hours of crafting entertainment
* You control the activities or pictures you want drawn creating 50 different images in 2 formats = 100 end results
* A totally new way to deliver an electronic activity colouring book & much more all wrapped up in a cute penguin pet


We have one of these and I wouldn't recommend it, to be honest. The advert does say 'drawing sped up' but it really is excrutiatingly takes up to 12 minutes to draw some of the pictures. Even the most basic drawings take about 4 or 5 minutes. This is the only toy in our house that's only been played with once. A more patient or older child might enjoy it though. My daughter is only 3 and a half.
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Much better price for this item thanks op...

I really thought my daughter would love this for xmas...
but the reviews are making me re-think it now

She is 6 and loves anything drawing and crafty...
so thought she would like this instead of me printing everything off the pc...


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i know the reviews aren't fantastic which is why i wouldn't pay £25 and am reluctant to buy one. My daughter is also 6 so she might get on with it ok - i do know what you mean though - and yeah decisions decisions here aswell!!!

Argos have it half price atm £12.49 I just got mine!!"


Argos have it half price atm £12.49 I just got mine!!"

I just posted the deal too!...just came on here to put a message lol

Its worth a go at half price!!

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