Crayola Scribble 'n' Wiggle Pen was £14.99 now £7.49 @ Argos

Crayola Scribble 'n' Wiggle Pen was £14.99 now £7.49 @ Argos

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Still £12.99 @ Amazon, checked various postcodes & all have checked stock in or nearby, never worth the full rrp, but looks good at this price.
Includes 6 Pipsqueak Skinnies
The Scribble n Wiggle pen can hold any crayons, pens or pencils, offering flexibility and experimentation
Scribble n Wiggle Pen
Turn all your creative activities into hours of fun with the Crayola Scribble n Wiggle Pen. Just turn the dial to select the mode, then as you scribble press the wiggle button and watch how the pen wiggles around helping you to colour in, shade, mix colours or create funky zig zag patterns and spiral shapes. Mix and match these effects and layer them up to create unique, funky, colourful masterpieces time and time again! It also works with any Crayola crayon or colouring pencil too
Wiggle as you Scribble
Crayola introduces a brand new way of drawing and colouring in! The Scribble n Wiggle Pen lets you create colourful masterpieces by layering funky effects. Add a unique twist to an underwater world, create swirly stars to a night sky and add zig zags to a winding road. The vibrating pen lets you move with the art.

Different Pen Modes
The Crayola Scribble n Wiggle Pen comes equipped with two funky designs – zig zags and circles. Simply flick the switch to move between the two, then depending how you hold or drag along the page, this magic pen can create endless crazy effects. Use it to colour in, shade and mix different colours, all at a touch of a button.

Mix and match all the different effects to create your wacky masterpieces


Reserved thanks Christmas is well sorted! X

Got mine too. Thank you.. great prize

Would this make a good present - it's my nieces 6th birthday in a few weeks and this seems ideal.

Also, in the picture below, the child is holding up a large picture that has been coloured in - any idea where you can get sheets like this as they do not appear to come with the product.

Thanks in advance.

Great. Thanks
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