Crayola Widescreen Light Designer £19.99 Home bargains

Crayola Widescreen Light Designer £19.99 Home bargains

Found 19th Feb 2017
Watched a guy do these in Hamleys toy shop and they where really good. theirs were about £35. so for £19.99 this is a bargain
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MINUS 38, so a good few people have sat and voted this deal cold. NOT ON. If you think it is cold, then say why. BULLIES
I bought this for my son last year from Argos, they had it on clearance from £30 down to £5. I was happy enough paying £5 for it but I definitely wouldn't have paid more. When you wipe the pen marks off the screen it leaves a residue like chalk on a chalkboard. Even using cleaning wipes didn't help to clean it properly. The marks that are left on it then dry on the screen and make it impossible to get the same effect with the light as the first time it's used, it's like shining a torch through a dirty window
comparing something to a price in Hamleys is not the best way to decide if it's a deal.
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