Crazy Upgrade Deal from T-Mobile, save upto £19.00 per month
Crazy Upgrade Deal from T-Mobile, save upto £19.00 per month

Crazy Upgrade Deal from T-Mobile, save upto £19.00 per month

I called T-Mobile to upgrade my contract as it was due.
I asked if they could offer me a sim only deal to continue my contract.
I pay £35.00 a month, and they offered me £10 a month OFF on a 12 month contract.

After a little more haggling, they offered me a Brand New Nokia 2630 as well and said I could get a further £9 a month off.

I am now paying £16.00 per month, am still on the same tarrif I was on before (£35.00pm)
I also have a boxed Nokia 2630 lying around for emergencies.


I'm also paying £15/mo, with a free Skypephone on a 6 month contract. Voted cold.

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hmm, I'm on the Flext35 tarrif at £16.00 pm with free evening and weekend calls.
never mind then


t-mobile offered me my contract at £5 a month just to keep me.

I still turned that down, wasn't worth it, I'd rather pay for decent signal and non hidden costs.

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guv, the chap I spoke to said, i £19.00 a month off was the best anyone could get, no matter what my tarrif was...
so I said well what if I was on a Flext20 and paying £20.00,
he said the £10.00 a month was the max they could offer for sim only to me.(in some cases £12)
and then he mentioned the subsidy they get from (I presume nokia) for selling their apparently "poor selling" phones.- hence the further reduction.
The Nokia 2630 is a very very low spec phone, but I'm using a W880i, and its the same size, so for me its a win win .. having an emergency phone thats no bigger than my biscuit phone.
Incidentally they were offering the W580i for £15.00 a month less, and the Nokia 3109 as well at £19.00 a month less.

to Summarise - NO Matter What tarrif you're on, when it comes to upgrading, you get a better deal if you get a "worse selling phone" than if you go SIM ONLY.

Just to add my experience. After some haggling, I went from £25(flext)+£7.50(WnW) with a £5 discount to £5 (flext) + £7.50 (WnW) + Vario III + CoPilot 7. Agreed an 18 month contract, but to be honest, at £12.50/month covering most if not all my usage, I'd have agreed it for longer!
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