Unfortunately, this deal is no longer valid
Create your own canvas prints - Half Price @ Tesco Photo
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Create your own canvas prints - Half Price @ Tesco Photo

Posted 10th Nov 2011

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I was looking around for prices to have a couple of photos done on canvas earlier and I found this offer, looks good to me.

20cmx20cm - was £19.97 Now £9.98
30cmx20cm - was £24.97 Now £12.48
30cmx30cm - was £29.97 Now £14.98
40cmx30cm - was £34.97 Now £17.48
40cmx40cm - was £39.97 Now £19.98
60cmx40cm - was £49.97 Now £24.98
60cmx60cm - was £54.97 Now £27.48
75cmx50cm - was £59.97 Now £29.98
100cmx75cm - was £79.97 Now £39.98
125cmx100cm - was £89.97 Now £44.98
150cmx100cm - was £99.97 Now £49.98

Create your own art!
Turn your best pictures into stylish canvas art to add a modern touch to your home. Available in a range of sizes and guaranteed to brighten up any wall.

Plus get 20% off code emailoff20 - Thanks to Tasha1976
- cheekygirl79740
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Here are the prices:

20cmx20cm now £9.98
30cmx20cm now £12.48
30cmx30cm now £14.98
40cmx30cm now £17.48
40cmx40cm now £19.98
60cmx40cm now £24.98
60cmx60cm now £27.48
75cmx50cm now £29.98
100cmx75cm now £39.98
125cmx100cm now £44.98
150cmx100cm now £49.98

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Here are the prices:...

Thanks for that, we must have been adding the prices at the same time.

Good Deal now i wonder if I can get staff discount aswell :P....
Plus another fiver delivery per canvas, unless you want to collect from store.
Brilliant!! Am looking to get a canvas done for the Mother-in-Law. Perfect timing :). Heat definitely added
Thank you!
excellent price - heat added

anyone know when this deal expires?

excellent price - heat addedanyone know when this deal expires?

The offer expires on the 6th of December, as do most of the other current offers on Tesco Photo.
Some comparable prices at Snapmad with free delivery.
Nice to see they've rounded the half penny down instead of up. Every little helps
I bought one recently, quality was better than I anticipated. Great value for money.
Do you know if the picture wraps around the side on these?

thank you!
Plus get 20% off with this code emailoff20

Do you know if the picture wraps around the side on these?thank you!

Mirror Style
Ask us to 'mirror' the last 50mm of your picture out onto the canvas edge.
Colour Style
Choose a colour that compliments your picture as well as your wall colour and have us print on the sides of your canvas.

Do you know if the picture wraps around the side on these?thank you!

If you design it that way yes. I had one done the other month, when you upload your picture you can enlarge/ shrink to fit and there are guide marks to show you where the picture will be (i.e on mine, I made it go over on to the wrap edges, if you dont want that effect, just crop it before the edge).
Colour Style

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Mirror Style

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Plus get 20% off with this code emailoff20

Thanks for that, when does the code expire? Got to order two of these for christmas!
This isn't really a bargain.
Good prices if the code works as well
snapmad has almost same prices without any discounts. I recently used a 25% code to get a 30x20 inch (75x50 cm) canvas for 22.50.
Don't forget 10% through quidco
Code works (thanks Tasha)
+ 10.1% cashback with TCB
Hi All,

Just wanted to add my experience of what happened last time, this deal was on. I made a collage of pics & got it half price like it says. But then went back the following wk & wanted to do the same thing, but was told the price the wk b4 was incorrectly done by the assistant & l would have pay full price if l wanted a collage canvas.

I will say they do look good just depends on the pic u choose. I do prefer collage pics to just one big one?
Was going to order, but after seeing the sizes you get for your money i'm not going to bother
Thanks for this seems a good offer, used the 20% off code and cashback has tracked at 10% too !
just what i needed!
great spot, thx!
thanks for that (_;)
Cheers OP. Ordered 2 and heat added.

Warning. The 20% off code only works for new customers so if you make 2 separate orders, won't work for the 2nd one unless you buy it in someone else's name.
Ta, been looking for a deal as I need to get a few of these
good deal...
Still waiting for mine, been longer than 7 working days
many thanks for that discount code welsh bird

Still waiting for mine, been longer than 7 working days

I got a text through today to say that my order will be delayed by at least 5 working days. I don't mind as I am in no hurry. At least they got in touch.

Guess this deal must have drummed up so much business for them that they are inundated with orders.
I sent an email and got a reply 2 days later saying they don't know where the order is and to ring the store, they couldn't be bothered to check for me before replying

Anyway they have been delivered today as i checked with the store, still says in progress on the website

Poor service
Well, I ckecked my credit card online and can see that they have taken the money. They sent me an email when I first bought to confirm the order and they texted me today.

I made 2 separate orders however. One to come by post as it was a large frame and a smaller frame to be picked up at the store. I haven't heard from the one about delivery by mail as yet.

When anyone's order arrives it would be helpful if they could post it on here.
My painting arrived today. It was dissapointing to be honest. Very poor quality. Just as well it was half price.
Mine eventually turned up, very good quality , thanks OP
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