Create your very own chocolate box from £8 with Thorntons

Create your very own chocolate box from £8 with Thorntons

Found 17th Mar 2010
I really like this one. It was a friend that told me about this one (she's more of a chocolate addict than I am.) I thought it would make a lovely gift for someone and the price is really good too. Hand pick the chocolates you want, so you don't have those yucky strawberry cremes unless you actually want them (they're always the ones left in the box until the hubby gets hungry enough to eat them in our house).

The price does go up depending on how many chocolates you have but I still think it would make a really lovely gift. *Men take note for the ladies* :P
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Nice idea but £1 a chocolate which is at most 2 mouth fulls isnt great value.
Shame the postage is £3.95 as it makes it very expensive. Like the fact you can upload your own pic on the box though.
Pic is a nice idea, mind you you would have to know every single chocolate that the person liked to make it worthwhile. Bit pricey for me too. Sorry.
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