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Seiko SKX007K1 automatic divers watch £138 inc. postage using code “NEWYEAR” @ Creation watches
Found 31st Dec 2018Found 31st Dec 2018
This is a great price for this very popular watch. Use code “NEWYEAR” for 15% off the regular price. You are are likely to be charged VAT and a handling charge if you select the f… Read more

My favourite watch. Wear it every day. Change the strap and it looks awesome


In my research i did read one post from someone who got caught out even with the royal mail option (an extra £6 or £7 to select at checkout) I couldn't find anyone who'd used the free registered airmail 10-14 day option who'd been stung. Obviously that's a finger in the wind approach but I doubt HMRC would offer much advice if I rang them. 😏 The only recurring warning was avoid DHL.


Went airmail, with a separate box on the K2 fingers crossed


Choose Royal Mail and it will arrive without customs VAT issues. I've ordered from them this way.


My wrist is slightly smaller at 6.75 so think I'll get away with it, the 0013 is pretty much the same size as my current daily wear Seiko which is probably a little on the small side. Just got to decide if to tell the wife before or after ordering... Thanks for your help been really useful, Dave

Seiko 5 Automatic SNK809 Mens' Watch, 36mm, 30M WR, 21 Jewel, Hardlex, £48 With Code @ Creation Watches
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Code CHRISTMAS brings this down to £48. Obviously Duty is a consideration (with DHL, definitely), the best option is Royal Mail, from reading around. Power Reserve is approxi… Read more



Thank you


It's good to see these dropping in price again. I got mine for £60 (£20 Tesco vouchies) from Goldsmiths and they've never returned to that price. £60 is about their price, given they don't hack or handwind.


seiko 5 are not what they use to be two watches in the family dont keep the time always having to adjust will never buy again love my citizen eco drive


Looks awful for a seiko 5. Original was better looking

Seiko 5 Military Automatic Nylon Strap SNK807K2 Men's Watch @ CreationWatches for £55
Found 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Very nice watch in great price. Free shipping included. Features: Movement Automatic (Self-Winding) Caliber 7S26A 21 Jewels Dark Blue dial with blue Nylon strap Arabic figures … Read more
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No, mine is 7 days and still not delivered


Would this arrive in time for Christmas?


This made me spit out my tea, good job (y)


No. There are some general styles of watch - dive watch, aviation, dress, racing. They can usually trace back elements of their design to some historic or seminal watc. This falls into the category of field watch. It's just an aesthetic thing to do with the overall look of the face and hands etc.


Classic Seiko 5. It’s been on my Amazon wish list for a while. Great price for this (y)

Seiko SKX007k with rubber strap using code DOUBLE £121 @ Creation watches
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Great price on this iconic watch. Only a few pounds more than the other listing for the smaller SKX013. Used 007’s are selling for more than this on eBay. Be sure to use Royal Mail… Read more

Think it was about £20


Technically, it's the same price but they want £18+ postage!


yep, that's the one, didn't realise the price had increased so much


How much did you sell the jubilee for?


Don't forget to allow for your import charges!

Seiko Automatic Diver 200M WR, 38mm, SKX013 Men's Watch, Hardlex, £121 With Code @ Creation Watches
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Edit 19th December: Code CHRISTMAS works now, DOUBLE has expired. See here Credit to Ossamanity on Watchuseek here - thought this one looked good. "Smaller Version Of The… Read more

Yes, if I'm allowed I will edit the post - code CHRISTMAS works now instead.PS: Link to other watches in the Christmas Sale:


Code not now recognized so presumably expired


Here's a list of all the 12/12 Deals that use the code DOUBLE: if that means this code expires after today :/ Other examples - this code makes these oldie but goodie Military Seikos £46, in Blue SNK807 and Cream SNK803:A few Edifices too on that list, this EF-130D-1A2VDF comes down to £51:This Orient Ladies' Sun And Moon Quartz RA-KA0005A00C with code, is £92


Dam... I just went for the Mako II that I've posted yesterday :) Could have gone with this if this shows up earlier....


This code also works on the SKX007, making it £128.25 inc Royal Mail delivery. That’s cheaper than a used price on eBay (y)

Orient Diver Mako II Automatic 200M FAA02001B9 Men's Watch £93 Creation Watches
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
One of the best sub £200 diver watch available and now it's under £100! Check it out. Blurb from the web... Orient Diver Mako II Automatic 200M FAA02001B9 Men's Watch Featur… Read more

Shucks... I missed that comment :)


Looks like admin have deleted the Trolls comment (y)


And unsurprisingly, not a deal in sight.


Take a look at sleightbuzz's comment history HERE he/she seems to comment on deals posting pathetic comments they're obviously a sad lonely TROLL.


It isn't bad information, its correct, it just doesn't mention how you can avoid import duties with Creation. Like Baldricky explained. And how is this poster lying for their own gain ?

Orient 2nd Gen Bambino Version 3, 40.5mm, 30M WR, Automatic FAC0000DB0 AC0000DB Men's Watch, £79 With Code HOLIDAYDEALS @ Creation Watches
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Edit 12th December: A few more Bauhaus Bambinos at £79 with code DOUBLE here Mentioned this on HUKD a few months back here when the code CLEAR was live (which Expired). … Read more

Re the White dial FAC0000BW0 mentioned above, DOUBLE takes it to £79Doesn't work with the other colours above, unfortunately.And OMG, Orient have the Grey (my favourite - maybe it's just my monitor but I found it hard to distinguish it from the Black at first) which also goes down to £79 with this code.I am lemming after a Cream Dial Roman Numeral 2nd Gen Bambino, will have to do a bit of digging.


Nice deal.


If you don't like the Black Bauhaus-style, the HOLIDAYDEALS code works on these too:There's the 2nd Gen Version 3, FAC0000DD0 Men's Watch in Blue for £82 Watches says here ..brand new automatic in-house Orient Cal. F67 movement. This is a new movement that has upgraded features, such as hacking (the seconds hand stops when you set the time) and handwinding (aside from the automatic winding by the rotor). The FAC0000DD is the upgraded version of the old ER2400LD.White 2nd Gen (says Version 2, though), FAC0000BW0 for £82 too Serious Watches here says it has hacking and handwinding. ..featuring the brand new automatic in-house Orient Cal. F67 movement. This is a new movement that has upgraded features, such as hacking (the seconds hand stops when you set the time) and handwinding (aside from the automatic winding by the rotor). The FAC0000BW is the upgraded version of the old ER2400JW.

Seiko Automatic Diver's SKX009K Men's Watch @ £123  @ Creation Watches
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Classic Seiko dive watch . Pepsi bezel with the rubber strap version here .. Be aware buying from Creation may incur VAT and inport fees . INFORMATIONBrand: Seiko Model: SKX009K… Read more

More fool u then, pay the full uk rip off price. As i say use royal mail tax free option when ordering from creation.


I wasn't expecting the charge from DHL. Lesson learned - I won't ever use them again.


Why not? Use the royal mail option, problem solved.


Its a seiko not a casio. Great watches by the way, everyone should have an SKX in their collection.


Yes, I've been hit with a £33 charge by DHL. Won't be using them again.

Seiko 5 Sports Automatic SNZH53 SNZH53K1 SNZH53K "Fifty Fathoms" Men's Watch, 42mm Dial, 100M WR, Hardlex, £89 With Code @ Creation Watches
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
HOLIDAYDEALS 10% off code takes it to £89. From previous Creation threads, I think the Royal Mail option is the best bet for avoiding Customs. Well made to the degree of b… Read more
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Yeah, CHRISTMAS is the new code, added it to Vouchers a few days ago. HOLIDAY and HOLIDAYDEALS works for (some) others. Just added the SNZH colour variants above, as it's relevant to this post. Edit: Oh, you mean the selection of watches on a specific offer changes. Must admit I only pay attention to the ones I like :) !


It varies day by day. They change up what watches have deals on. From what I've seen anyway. Try this link:


A few of the SNZH53's brethren are here - different colours and "J"s = Japanese versions.Code CHRISTMAS only works with one of them, this one, the Black/Gold SNZH57 at £93HOLIDAYDEALS works with all the others. The "J" versions go down to £100, the Black/Silver SNZH55 down to £91.


I got put in touch with a guy through a Tag forum who looked after my watch at a fraction of the price of sending it to a maker,he services and repairs old and modern from average watches to prestige marques,I looked at his work on Instagram and then contacted him by e mail


Re scratches/polishing: I've seen Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths mentioned on Watchuseek by various members - worth reading around to see if it could work for you Can see a pack of 2 for around £5 on ebay, or £4.90 on Amazon.

Orient Bambino Automatic 2nd Generation £79.20 @ Creation watches
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Uses Orients own in house movement. Caliber: F6724 Handwinding and Hacking. Power res 40hrs Convex mineral crystal. 30m water res. 40.5 mm dia. 11.8mm depth.

Just a FYI, there's a few different versions of the Bambino on the 12/12 Double Deals page (use promo code DOUBLE to get a 15% discount). Re this variety, 2nd Gen:This FAC00007W0 (gold-accented, white dial) is £79The code also works with the Black dial FAC00007W0 here


Me too. I don't like batons either.


That's what I was thinking but never heard anything much about it. So it's like an engine that needs servicing after x miles (re time running) or after a certain time (running or not) whichever is earlier? Why would people disagree with this? Maybe the oils are not top quality and thicken too much with time?


I have at least 30 watches(mechanical and quartz), and do not use a winder. I believe you can push the service interval when the watches are not being worn constantly, though some would disagree. If its an expensive watch it will sell easier if its been serviced regular and for more, but you will of course have paid for the services.


I am thinking about those people who have a collection of autos. Is it better to leave them in a case and only wind when wearing (which may be months with no use) or have them always on the go in a winder? So if you wore one watch for 6 month a year, would that push a service interval of 5 years to 10 years (assuming the service interval is based on average use) ? I have no autos but if I could push the service interval back just because the watch was unworn a lot of the time, then that would be attractive.

Seiko 5 Automatic SNK607K  Men's Watch £44 with code @ Creaton Watches
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels SNK607K1 SNK607K Men's Watch Features: Stainless Steel Case Stainless Steel Bracelet Automatic Movement 21 Jewels Hardlex Crystal Textured Black Di… Read more

This is back as a Deal Of The Day, code HOLIDAY takes it to £50, bit of a swizz compared to the £44.


Sold out.


Seiko in my experience is very reliable just not the 5 series (21 jewels) made for Asian mainly developing markets.


I think with Automatics it's the luck of the draw. You'd assume Seiko regulate watches before they leave the factory - maybe I'm unlucky but the Alpinist has attracted a few grumbles about its timekeeping. Of course, with lower-tier Chinese brands like Guanqin Quality Control is even more hit and miss - maybe I just got lucky this time.


Good to know, will look in to them! If they look the part to it might become my next watch.

Seiko Sea Urchin SNZF17J1 automatic dive watch £90.95 Creation Watches
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
A nice and well received desk diver at a good price. Same movement as the venerable SKX007K, but then also shared by all Seiko 5s albeit with 'only' 100m water resistance. I imagin… Read more

To round things off, the watch arrived via Royal Mail Tracked 48 as selected at checkout. Package was delivered No Vat, No Duty, No Handling Fee. Package has the standard Royal Mail 48 label with a return address being a company based in Salford UK. This will simply be a UK Company with a contract to handle returns. Package shows no signs whatsoever of having originated outside the UK. Having unpacked, everything is 100% as expected. So two thumbs up from me.


Also worth noting, this version is J (Japanese market) rather than international 'K' if the nomenclature is to be believed. So should be from the Japanese factory rather than Malaysia. Added value :) All points about shipping hold true. Go with the RM, well worth £7* sidestepping the duty sting! Just ordered something else from them - I assume it will come in the factory flatpack. Retailers reassemble by hand after receiving box & watch separately from the supplier, adding signed warranty card etc (hope they include that, at least). I missed the 'include box' option at checkout... * Royal Mail invariably add this as a handling fee for anything from outside the EU, and you can bet they will refer unpaid items entering the UK to Customs. It's good that Creation Watches offer the option to pay the fee (which is indeed £7) from the other end, thus avoiding scrutiny - not everyone does... had to pick up a watch from the post office the other day, pay the handling fee because the seller had not done so at dispatch plus 20% Vat which had been slapped onto it by HMRC.


Bought ... nice spot


This is correct. Also no box on the royal mail option. Add the box to basket before ordering.


Perfect .... It’s not like I don’t already have enough Seiko boxes (excited)

SEIKO SKX007K2 Watch (15% off) £137 @ Creation
Found 22nd Nov 2018Found 22nd Nov 2018
15% off with code BFSALE, legendary Seiko diver watch.

BFSALE code doesn't work any more - but DOUBLE does (y)


Well it's still a good saving anyway, I'm still saving about £40 so not too bad. I don't really have an issue with paying VAT on a new item, it's paying VAT on a used item that gets me, along with the handing fee.


I went for DHL and had to pay £34 on a £108 watch. It came with box, instructions and stamped warranty card though with a saving of £120 compare to buying off Amazon UK


Just a quick update - I selected slow snail mail airmail with no watch box from Creation and guess what, got done for Customs charges and Royal mail's bullsh*t handling fee. So its near enough £30 for a £107 watch. Grr.


This is a legendary watch, but only if you are planning to modify it with a sapphire and a 4r36 movement.

Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 £173 Delivered From Creation Watches £173
Found 19th Nov 2018Found 19th Nov 2018
Best price I have ever seen - I recommend you don't use the DHL as they will attrat customs fees plus £11 handling (a total of an extra £45) - instead use the other free mail shipp… Read more
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Choosing the no box royal mail delivery for £6 option side steps the customs charge.


But that shipping option isn't free is it ?


As I indicated in the post.


More chance of getting away with import taxes if you use the airmail option..... although it will be delivered by Royal Mail, so it could still get caught for taxes. Pretty sure there's a shipping charge from Creation for this. There always used to be.


Beware that you are very likely to have to pay customs on top of that price. Creationwatches isn’t the cheap source it used to be

Seiko Titanium Sapphire Men's Watch £91 @ Creation watches
Found 13th Oct 2018Found 13th Oct 2018
Seiko Titanium Sapphire SGG727 SGG727P1 SGG727P Men's Watch The Seiko Magnificent Titanium Collection introduced some very smart pieces using solid Titanium cases and bracelets as… Read more
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No problem gIad to help. also ordered a seiko skx007 from creation a couple of years back also a cracking auto watch for the money. The bambino is a top buy also, iirc orient are part of the seiko company.


Thanks for posting back sparkyy. Nice looking watch, Orient is a good make - I was considering a Bambino for its classic looks. Great that the Royal Mail option is tax free and with no fees - will get my Seiko now (y)


Just got the mako watch from creation today took a week using the £6 royal mail no box option. No taxes or fees paid. Came in a wallet with the manuals well packaged well pleased.


Will do. Expecting it this week, hopefully without charges.


NIce watch. Yes please let us know how long it takes to come and if you end up paying customs charges with the Royal Mail option. (y)

Seiko 5 Automatic Japan Made SNKG35 SNKG35J1 SNKG35J Men's Watch, 30M WR, Hardlex Crystal, £59 With Code CLEAR @ Creation Watches
Found 3rd Oct 2018Found 3rd Oct 2018
Yes, I did a Deal about this previously here back in June, when it was £60, but the price went up again. Doesn't manually wind or hack, but apparently has great lume and is a "… Read more

It's been mentioned on other threads (and the last one I did about this watch, which I linked to) that you should avoid DHL for duty and pay extra for Royal Mail. I can't comment personally as I've not bought from Creation.


Purchased recently from these DHL making good living off duty collection charges .if you keep eye on Amazon you will end up getting watch for very similar price .This charges definitely spoil the experience.


Not sure, mate. I assume it would go back to the seller. However in my case DHL delivered the package and then sent me the invoice a few days later.


There's a few Last One(s) on Creation, saw this before I went to bed last night£64Mentioned it here.


Only one left of these now :)

Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men's Watch - £88
Found 28th Aug 2018Found 28th Aug 2018
Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men's Watch - £88
Citizen Chronograph Quartz AN3620-51E Men's Watch Features: Stainless Steel Case Stainless Steel Bracelet Quartz Movement Caliber: 0510 Mineral Crystal Black Dial Analog Disp… Read more

£64 to grab the last one :) :D !


Nice looking watch and comes in a version with brown leather strap which I prefer, being sold at Samuel’s with extra 10% off if you subscribe to emails so £85.50 That said, worth noting that both versions are not eco drive and therefore (for me) defeat’s the point of owning this particular Citizen so off my shopping list really. Also whilst Creation Watches seem an okay company, being American based not sure it’s worth the risk or potential hassle since I am assuming import duties could be applied

Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Version 3 Classic Automatic FAC0000DB0 AC0000DB Men's Watch, £81 With Code CLEAR @ Creation Watches
Found 6th Aug 2018Found 6th Aug 2018
Orient 2nd Generation Bambino Version 3 Classic Automatic FAC0000DB0 AC0000DB Men's Watch, £81 With Code CLEAR @ Creation Watches
Saw this mentioned on Watchuseek earlier, thought it was worth sharing. I do prefer the 2nd Generation Roman Numerals dial Bambino to this "Bauhaus", though. Code CLEAR takes … Read more
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Ye DHL thought about royal mail like box with watch


Bit of a bummer. Was it DHL or Royal Mail?


Just received mine £26 charges take shine of nice watch


Like I said, I'm psychic :o


I'm officially freaked out now. As the 'returns policy' quote was so oddly specific...

Orient Mako (Mako XL) Automatic 200m Diver CEM75001BR Men's Watch DOTD £91 @ Creation Watches
Found 2nd Aug 2018Found 2nd Aug 2018
Orient Mako (Mako XL) Automatic 200m Diver CEM75001BR Men's Watch DOTD £91 @ Creation Watches
Kudos to richsykes, the price has went up from £91 to £99 now, but the coupon code CLEAR takes it to £89. Deal Of The Day price. As always, I'm not sure about duty* as I'm not a … Read more
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Mine arrived swiftly. I was caught between the shipping options and was abut to pay the $6 (cant find the pound key on my mac laptop!), but got lazy and went for the DHL option. Arrived today and had to pay $28 duty and tax. Watch is a beauty.


Just pay the £6.98 to get it shipped via a UK address with royal mail.


Didn't realise it was in the Clearance section (as the CLEAR items usually are). Anyway, I'd probably get told off for un-expiring it as the "list price" has went up. Just tried it :) Edit: There are also 200M Quartz Invictas - also called Mako (was trying to find the full-face-lume Orient Mako, sadly Creation don't stock it).


You should factor in another £60 ish in import taxes.


thanks, i was looking at getting this, but seen this deal on here this morning, and with your code i can get both from creation for not alot more than the seiko costs on amazon, hmmmm tempted,

Seiko Automatic Diver's 200M Jubilee Bracelet SKX009K2 Men's Watch £154 @ Creation Watches
Found 8th Jul 2018Found 8th Jul 2018
Seiko Automatic Diver's 200M Jubilee Bracelet SKX009K2 Men's Watch £154 @ Creation Watches
A legendary Seiko diver's watch (Neymar endorsed) for a little over £150. Absolute bargain for an iconic watch that will likely last a lifetime. The made in Japan version is also o… Read more

So it was (y) silly me


To be anal, it was Coppola's Apocalypse Now (not Kubrick's FMJ) - I got (and liked) the reference though ;) & agree with your historical provenance point. This watch ain't 'nam era - that said Martin Sheen did sport a different Seiko diver in the movie...


They were fine for me. Watch was a very good buy at the price I paid. Worth giving them a go, coming from China so always slightly more risky, but that's why they are so cheap..


Is Tobys deal any good? I see some bad reviews in Trust pilot...


Relatively sure they ship from Singapore for courier delivery, not sure where the Royal Mail delivery comes from. It would make sense for them to do the courier shipping from the UK too if what you say is true. Truth is, I don't think they pay duty when they import, if they do.