Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones £29.99 @ Zavvi
Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones £29.99 @ Zavvi

Creative Aurvana Live! Headphones £29.99 @ Zavvi

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These headphones are a repackaged version of the Denon AH-D1001, which is well regarded among audiophiles.


looks good - reviews on amazon are all 5-star ]http//ww…8-1

Look great for the money, plenty of the reviews comparing them with £100+ headphones....ordered, heated and rep'ed

very comfortable as well...very little fatigue

Been looking for some headphones but have been tempted by noise cancelling ones. Hmmm....

Arghh credit cards are evil. Decided to go for it anyway and stuck the order in. Off to bed now I think. If all the reviews are to be believed these are a steal!

Forgot 2% quidco. Not much but better than nothing.

Ahhhhhh must stop spending money! But need a decent set of cans for playing the music loud to get in the zone. These look a bargain for £30. Heat and Rep added.


Another review here. They all say good for £90 so amzing for £30!

Look very good for the price, great reviews all over the place.

ordered and heat added.. cheers m8.


Ahhhhhh must stop spending money!

Yep is this site about saving money or wasting it?! After seeing this deal I spent £29.95 I wouldn't have otherwise :-D

I've noticed how there's 4 listings of these on ebay now and none in completed listings :whistling: Those greedy ebay people! :whistling:

Nice deal. Ordered a pair - but need to decide whether they're for me me me, or whether guilt will make me give them as a Chrissy present to someone else!! Thanks OP.

Ordered, that's one christmas present. Cheers OP !

Just got them and wow they're great. Only down side is they're so good they make lots of imperfections in the original recording audible.

Also received mine this morning, can't 'test' them as they're a crimbo pressie.

Above poster, are they any good are keeping external noise out ?

Wait a sec I'll give it a test....

Ok this isn't very scientific but I normally listen to my Sony Cinema receiver radio at 35 on the volume dial, and I don't listen to it all that loud. It only sounds slightly quieter with the headphones on and no sound through them. Turn the volume on the heaphones to a comfortably loud volume and I can still just about hear the radio. Turning radio down to 20 makes it inaudible. So sound isolation isn't perfect. I guess you need noise cancelling ones for that though I still think these are amazing headphones for the price. If you were going to get some that sounded as good as these and had noise cancelling I guess you'd be going over £100 (unless a bargain as good as this comes up again).

fairly good. not totally sealed.

i sometimes have them on in work (with no music on!!!) to concentrate

discount code doesn't work


discount code doesn't work


hotukdeals automatically displays discount codes associated with the retailer in the deal - regardless of whether they are actually related to the deal or not - in this case they're not - clicking on the discount codes you'll see a description of what they apply to and then you decide whether they are applicable to your purchase.

Mine were despatched today - anyone know if they were sent by Royal Mail, for hopefully Saturday delivery?

Mine were sent Royal Mail First Class (no signed for or anything) and think were delivered by a van rather than postie.

Thanks, hopefully will turn up tomorrow then!

.Got them today bass and ambiance much better than sennheiser hd215 but isolation is better on the hd215. anyway 4 word 1 sentence..
'amazing 4 that price!!!'

Ordered :thumbsup:
Voted HOT & Rep added!

This should be hot a third of the price of the Denon AH-D 1001.

Now showing as "temporarily out of stock"



fairly good. not totally sealed.i sometimes have them on in work (with no … fairly good. not totally sealed.i sometimes have them on in work (with no music on!!!) to concentrate

lol you're not serious are you?

NOw showing sold out

Wow, already sold out...good I ordered one on Sat.

'Unable to fulfill your order'...damn!
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