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Creative - BT-W5 USB Bluetooth Transmitter (Supported Codecs - aptX Adaptive, aptX HD, aptX, SBC) @ Creative Labs (Europe) / FBA

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Smart Bluetooth 5.3 Audio Transmitter with aptX Adaptive

Enjoy seamless wireless audio streaming like no other with the Creative BT-W5. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, aptX Adaptive codec that allows users to toggle priority for audio quality, and a convenient device-switching function, Creative BT-W5 makes your Bluetooth experience enjoyable for entertainment, work, and more!


When connected, the codec allows you to prioritize between a selection of dynamic bit-rate (High Quality) or dynamic latency (Low Latency) adaptation based on your needs. The selection is accessible within the Creative app.

aptX Adaptive Low Latency is selected by default. The Low Latency mode effectively brings down latency to an approximate of 50 ms*, perfect for games and movies where latency requirements are a lot more demanding.

*Latency measurements are obtained from Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive documents.

aptX Adaptive High Quality supports exceptional audio quality even at lower bit rates. With aptX Adaptive High Quality, you can enjoy aptX HD quality scaling up to 420 kbps, great for high-resolution music.


Creative BT-W5 offers high-resolution 24-bit audio at up to 96 kHz when streaming. Along with Bluetooth 5.3, enjoy stable, high-quality, and reliable connection for your music, movies, and games.


Creative BT-W5 remembers up to 4 devices for easy switching and allows you to easily change the output device you are connected to, with literally just press of a button.


Double press on the Bluetooth button on Creative BT-W5 to enter HFP mode, and use voice chat with the built-in microphone on your Bluetooth headset.


Creative BT-W5 is extremely lightweight at just 3g and features a small build. It is also powered via USB-C and draws minimal power from your device so that you can continue to listen to high-resolution 24-bit audio on your Bluetooth receivers or devices.
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  1. greentiger's avatar
    I had high hopes for this but overall I was fairly disappointed for the price.

    The good:

    Connection is rock solid, once established.
    Appears as a USB audio device to the operating system, the Bluetooth is handled on the dongle itself and the OS isn’t aware of it. One of the reasons I bought this is because I was having terrible Bluetooth problems with my Mac Mini M2, and this certainly helped when it comes to connecting audio devices.

    The bad:

    For me, both pairing and re-connecting were flaky and unpredictable. Sometimes the dongle just wouldn’t pair to another device. Additionally, reconnecting to a previously paired device often took 10, 20, 30 seconds. With the built-in Bluetooth on Windows and Mac this was always instant.
    The Creative software, particularly on Mac often didn’t reflect accurately the devices paired to the dongle and again attempting to pair from within the software was hit and miss.

    Overall, I wasn’t particularly impressed. I also tried a UGREEN dongle, this was more basic, only remembering one device but worked perfectly except for occasionally randomly setting the volume in Windows or Mac to 90%+ shortly after reconnecting, which is really startling when you’re playing music. Apart from this, it was fine.

    If I was to buy again I’d probably go for the FlooGoo FMA120 which is from a small Australian company.

    There is also the cheaper Eppfun AK3040 Pro Max which has a similar feature set.

    Hope this might be useful to someone!
    jujuzeez's avatar
  2. polarbaba's avatar
    Any cheaper alternatives from other brands?.

    This price is outrageous.

    Also no LDAC (edited)
    jujuzeez's avatar
    there will be a couple of them ones on eBay, AliExpress, Amazon, not sure of cheap LDAC ones though

    errrrm, if you want LDAC in a USB Bluetooth transmitter, do you think it will be any cheaper than this :/

    the OEM must pay licencing fee uno
  3. MaxJenson's avatar
    It's expensive for what it is, but the advantage of this (and the only one I can think of), is that you can block out other codecs and headsets from pairing to the receiver automatically.

    I had my neighbour connecting his Xbox headset to my dongle every single time he turned on his Xbox. Was rather annoying, but neither of us knew how to stop it.
  4. d1001541's avatar

    £35 here on best offer, bet they accept £32
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