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Posted 7 January 2023

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II Speakers - £89.99 @ Creative

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Decent quality, well rated compact desktop speakers. Currently selling on Amazon for £149.95.

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The best audio performance with improved bass

Fill your room with vibrant audio from the GigaWorks T40 Series II speakers, the enhanced model of the award-winning GigaWorksT40.

The new GigaWorks T40 Series II propels audio enjoyment into the next level of acoustic fidelity. There's no need for a physical subwoofer as the three-driver Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange (MTM) audiophile configuration comes with BasXPort™ technology - delivering excellent dynamics with rich extended bass.

While the silk dome tweeter with dual woven glass fiber drivers produces crystal clear highs with full range audio, the whole system also offers an improved power output of 16W RMS per satellite.

With a new refreshing design and style, the GigaWorks T40 Series II is set to be a perfect addition to any living room or desktop.

Two-way, 3-driver Speaker Design
Each sonically refined satellite speaker features an expressive tweeter and a high-performance mid-range driver to recreate a realistic live musical experience in your home or music studio.

Audiophile Design
The new Midrange-Tweeter-Midrange (MTM) audiophile design delivers smoother performance for your enjoyment. Create the ultimate audiophile experience on your desktop today.

Cloth Dome Tweeter
A dedicated high frequency driver that gives you low distortion and wide dispersion for all the high notes in your music.

Dual Woven Glass Fiber Cone
These mid range drivers can withstand high temperature and humidity levels without affecting its damping properties.

BasXPort Technology
The BasXPort is acoustically engineered to enhance the lower frequency range by efficiently channelling sound waves from the inner chamber to the soundstage. This allows the speaker to deliver a more pronounced mid-range for a warmer, more natural playback.

Convenient Access to Key Functions
Get the bass, treble and volume you want with the easily manoeuvred controls. For private listening, simply plug in your headphones.

Extend Your Entertainment Options
The dual RCA-to-stereo adapter lets you connect the speakers to your LCD TV, DVD player or gaming console and enjoy solid audio entertainment immediately.

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  1. Avatar
    They're good speakers, but the auto-standby function sucks. It takes several seconds for them to wake up and start playing audio again once they go to sleep, so you'll miss the start of whatever it is you're playing. The timer on this is also really short (10 minutes I think), so it happens all the time. It wouldn't be so bad if they shut off after an hour or something. I'm told that this feature wasn't present in earlier production runs and they just stay on, but the ones I bought a few years ago certainly do it. (edited)
    I can verify they weren't in earlier models, as I sent mine straight back when I discovered this! It would drive me mad.
  2. Avatar
    These any good as pseudo monitor speakers?
    Just get some monitor speakers. These tiny drivers wont be doing much lower down without mad distortion and inaccuracy
  3. Avatar
    Currently listening to music on my t30s while browsing the site great speakers for the money
  4. Avatar
    Honestly garbage for the price

    You can get something like the M Audio BX3 or BX4 (if space allows) which is miles better for around the same. (edited)
    Don't make me want new things
  5. Avatar
    Looks like it's gone. Anyway, I thought these were good, but after hearing a decent active bookshelf pair, I would not go back.
  6. Avatar
    I've had these for several years and they are decent however it's worth looking out for active bookshelf speakers for similar price (eg edifier 1280). Admittedly they take up more room but they will sound better.
    Yes, I bought some for a small desk. The sound is very good for the very small footprint. (edited)
  7. Avatar
    Great speakers for little money!
  8. Avatar
    I had these - the power click on / light up went dodgy after a few years (now I know more about repairs I could have cleaned / fixed the potentiometer myself!) and boyf surprised me with a newer set a few Xmases ago.

    However, they had a new "feature" - automatic hibernation after being idle for so many minutes - which made them unusable for me as PC speakers, as sometimes I need periods of silence. Back to Amazon they went.

    Ended up with Edifier R1700BT (active) speakers (which also have a newer version now, with Subwoofer out, some suggest they sound slightly different to the originals, can't vouch for this), which I used at my PC for a few years, but I've now upgraded my desk set up again. The Edifiers are now hooked up to my TV via a DAC.
    Are they better than a £200 Denon soundbar with sub??
  9. Avatar
    I have these. I bought the Q Acoustic M20 bookshelf as replacements and they were fractionally better so I returned them. The T40s are so good for value, I couldn’t recommend enough.
  10. Avatar
    I returned these due to the auto-standy, if you have any short notification sounds you won't hear them at all as there is a 1-2 second delay in the speakers turning on to play anything. I ended up buying a earlier version second hand off eBay that doesn't have auto-standy. (edited)
  11. Avatar
    I've had these for a couple of years. Sound is good. They are quite large however, so I would recommend where you have a decent amount of space, or even mounting them on the wall
  12. Avatar
    Which one should I buy to listen to music? (drum and bass)
    This one or these:
    They are/were about the same price
    More bass
  13. Avatar
    I have these and the T20. They've lasted years and years without any issues. I do not think the T40 offer enough of an improvement to justify the additional cost and size. I'd get the T20 instead.
    I have T20 Series II, they're OK. Nothing special, clear and loud enough. I do really dislike the delay when turning them on, have to wait for the amp to kick in.
  14. Avatar
    RIP Creative CEO Sim Wong Hoo
    LGR namechecked him the other day that's how I found out.