Creative GigaWorks T40 Speakers

Creative GigaWorks T40 Speakers

Found 21st Oct 2008
Product Description
Manufacturer's Description
GigaWorks T40 stereo speakers will fascinate you with their impressive audio delivery. Combining premium components with Creative's many years of leadership in world-class audio, each satellite delivers spacious, balanced sound, thanks to the potent combination of two high-performance midrange drivers and a dedicated high-end tweeter in MTM (midrange-tweeter-midrange) configuration, plus BasXPort technology for strong, dynamic bass without a subwoofer. The midrange drivers have woven glass fiber cones for warmth and stability, while each tweeter has a cloth dome for crystal clarity. Front mounted controls for power, volume, bass and treble, plus a versatile adaptor, made these speakers great partners for DVD players and televisions as well as PCs.

Product Description
The Creative GigaWorks T40 stereo loudspeakers are designed to redefine your music listening experience. The quality components, such as the three drivers and BasXPort technology, allow these speakers to deliver balanced, surround sound for all your applications, without your needing to use an external subwoofer. The control buttons are located on the front of each speaker and make the GigaWorks T40 a stylish speaker system that you won't want to hide away.

Make what you will my recession proof friends.

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