Creative I-Trigue 250 / 2.0 PC Multimedia Speakers £7 (RRP£39.99) @

Creative I-Trigue 250 / 2.0 PC Multimedia Speakers £7 (RRP£39.99) @

Found 28th Jul 2010
I-Trigue 250s are quick and easy to install, can be used with any MP3 or audio music player and, for ease of use, all main controls including volume, power and blue status LED are front-mounted. A headphone jack for private listening is also included.

* Product Description: Creative I-Trigue 250 - PC multimedia speakers
* Product Type: PC multimedia speakers
* Media Type: 2 speakers
* Speaker Type: Active
* Nominal Output Power (Total): 5 Watt
* Response Bandwidth: 110 - 20000 Hz
* Audio Amplifier: Integrated
* Connectivity Technology: Wired
* Speaker System Details: 2 x right/left channel speaker - 2.5 Watt - 110 - 20000 Hz
* Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years warranty




Er, I could have sworn your original post yesterday was £9.99 taswir1? Have you amended it? Therefore it's not a repost.


it was £9.99 yesterday

rrp £39.99 lol yeah right

These are really worth it, like I said yesterday (when it was £9.99 ), they have great sound and they pep up a netbook, or even desktop nicely. The AC Adapter is pretty heavy, which is the only downside.

The coloured covers are just a kitsch addition. I stuck the pink ones on and doubt I'll use the others. Well worth the £7. By the way, I voted Hot.

£15.99 now
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