Creative TravelSound Speakers ZEN Stone/Plus Black - £2.97 Collect at Store - Currys
Creative TravelSound Speakers ZEN Stone/Plus Black - £2.97 Collect at Store - Currys

Creative TravelSound Speakers ZEN Stone/Plus Black - £2.97 Collect at Store - Currys

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Good availabilty on these - also available for home delivery but p&p is quite high at £6.99.

Turn your ZEN Stone into a portable sound system! The TravelSound ZEN Stone portable speaker system makes sharing your music so easy - just slide your player into place and enjoy! Designed as a perfect match for the ZEN Stone and ZEN Stone Plus, the TravelSound ZEN Stone has the same great style and uses the speaker technology that has made Creative famous for great audio. You can use it with or without batteries, so you will never be without your music, and it has a built-in stand, which will keep it right where you want it. Good looking, light and easy to pack, it's the perfect travel speaker.


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£30 + P&P on the Creative Store.


HOT Deal many thanks. Reserved a set and will collect later on today and report back!

For 2.99, worth a try

It has been posted before, but it is such a good deal that it is worth a reminder

Hot :thumbsup: reserved for collection cheers:santa:

I have a set of these, you don't even need a zen stone to use them, just get a small extention lead and you can use it with any headphone socket. Good and pretty loud for the size. I'm buying a spare

Great find. Is there an adapter available so that I could connect my Creative Vision M to these speakers? Or can anyone suggest good, but cheap speakers for the Vision M?

Heat added BTW.

Yeah i've used it with my zen vision m with the aid of a 3.5mm headphone extension cable as sold on ebay in their millions for about a quid.

Cheers, got one reserved for my dads xmas pressie:thumbsup:

Just a thought, if you bought a 3.5mm coupler (e.g. eBay-item-no 330276385205) that would in theory convert the connector on the travelsound to a female aux-in

Good spot. Thanks. Good little present for my wife.

My brother has these. They are pretty good when on the beach or in the park. Worth getting another set!


I was tempted to get one of these when they were £15 from play (i think).

Have ordered mine to collect this afternoon, mega deal.

Reserved a couple of these. If they are as good as my Creative Travelsound 400's, then definitely recommended. Very good to take on holiday.

Thanks, rep + heat added

Missed it first time around! Nice one bookie...H&R added :thumbsup:

Reserved one....




Already posted 3 weeks … Already posted 3 weeks ago...http://www.hotukdeals.com/item/241385/creative-travelsound-for-zen-stone-/

Not the same thing. A penny cheaper, at Currys now not Dixons, available to reserve from the website = different deal.

I saw this deal and thought "oh my mate's got a zen stone", then remembered it's his birthday this week, I probably would have forgotten it otherwise :whistling: if that doesn't deserve rep I don't know what does, thanks Bookie :-D

I bought two of these at the weekend but it is nigh on impossible to use with the slightly fatter zen stone plus 2gb with integrated speaker

Picked up 3 of them from my local Curry's, they had a load on the shelves. I bought the one, then sat in the car thinking "this might make a good Xmas present" so went back for two more.

I'm think you'd be able to hook up an ipod shuffle to one of these, or the cheaper ]shuffle imitations off Ebuyer. I'll try out my brothers shuffle at some point to see if it fits, if it does I'll just get some off ebuyer and "Voila!" - Xmas presents sorted.

And if that doesn't work, get a 3.5mm extender off ebay and it'll work with any MP3 player (with a 3.5mm output of course)

I just picked these up from my local currys. The lady tried to tell me it would only work with the zen stone, but got it home and hooked it up to my iphone with a short 3.5mm extension and works brillinatly. Using it in powered mode with the supplied AAA batteries it produces amazing sound quality for the size. You could easily pay £30 for these and still be equally impressed. Very nice clear sound, dosent distort or get tinny at all. Many Thanks OP, rep added.

Great find! Thanks! HOT!!

Ive bought one today. They are still available in Currys Stechford (Birmingham). They had 5 more left at 15:00pm. Hope it helps someone.

reserved mine but they just rang me to say that they 'cant find it'

it still showing as 'in stock' though

not amused

Picked mine upon the way home.

Just got another set for a mate, they still have at least 5-10 left at my local store (Griffiths Way, Herts). I'm really impressed by these.

Got 1 reserved at Luton. Thanks

just picked up one of these for the wife, cheers to op !


I bought two of these at the weekend but it is nigh on impossible to use … I bought two of these at the weekend but it is nigh on impossible to use with the slightly fatter zen stone plus 2gb with integrated speaker

Thanks very much - rep added. I have reserved one but you have saved me the trip. Just to clarify though, wheen you say 'nigh on impossible' to fit the fatter zen stone plus with integrated speaker', do you mean it is difficult, but will just fit, or will it ultomately not fit? Question open to anyone who has one and has tried it with the slightly bigger zen stone plus with inbuilt speaker.

reserved 2

Picked mine up and the bloke at Currys couldn't believe the price. My Stone and Stone Plus fit fine......good sounds.

Awesome, picked 2 up sound is pretty decent for such a small system. Even managed to fit my ipod touch in it.

Saw a fellow HUKdealer in watford store as I was picking em up, all decked out in cycling gear lol

Reserved two at Currys Sprucefield LISBURN

[COLOR="Red"]Heat [/COLOR]& Rep Added!

Make it so!

Soth 8-)

Great find, picked up two for other people as well as the one I reserved. Although the sales assistants seemed baffled by the fact that I had managed to find them instore, with one repeatedly asking another if all the reservations had been forfilled.
Thanks to OP, heat and rep added

Took a quick shot of this hooked up to my iPhone for anyone interessted:
Sound quality really is fantastic, very tempted to go down to my local curys store and buy another few. For £3 this has got to be one of the best electical deals here ever!

Picked one up today at my local Currys. Excellent find! Great sound l thought for such small speakers. Thank you thank you :-D

Slightly off topic but whats the Zen like? Read reviews but mainly moan about battey life etc...

Which is better - Stone or Stone Plus? Need one for the gym and to go with these speakers.


wow, fantastic deal, picked one up earlier, thanks Bookie, heat n rep added.
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