Creative Vision M 60Gb Mp3 Player £123.57 delivered with 17.5% voucher @ bargaincrazy

Creative Vision M 60Gb Mp3 Player £123.57 delivered with 17.5% voucher @ bargaincrazy

Found 28th Jun 2008
Model no: Vision M.
As 30Gb model but with 60Gb memory plus.
Up to 16 hours music playback.
Up to 5 hours video playback.
240 hours MPEG4 video footage.
USB host allows photo's to be downloaded directly from digital camera.


Great deal as the 30 GB version is selling for £100+ alone!

Only problem is this thing crashes like crazy! I had this one and after say 30 minutes of play the thing would lock up and then I had to reset it (Wouldn't be a problem if the reset didn't take 20minutes+.. Maybe because I had 50GB of music on it but my iPod never had to rebuilt play list's when I had to reset it)

And this is slightly bigger than the 30GB model which I didn't no until I brought a case for it which didn't fit as it was for the 30GB model!

But Hot for the price

Shame I just bought this on Bargain Crazy two weeks ago for £148 Didn't know any promotion code then :x
BTW, how do you vote hot in this forum? Still think this is a great deal, wonder why not many seem interested? I still have a 30Gb Creative Zen Jukebox which's still running perfectly after over 4 years but just bought this as back-up in case.... The sound quality is superb!

i have the 30gb version, great piece of kit, im so tempted to buy this one as well, just a good price, dont need it but i want it...

The thing that gets me about when these things crash is it can be really difficult to press the reset button - the hole for it is tiny. I am usually stood waiting for a bus when it happens and I have to hunt around for a small twig or strong peice of grass to press through the reset hole and reset it. The other people at the bus stop myst think I am mad! Even so, it doesnt crash that often and is a great peice of hardware. Fortunatly I managed to get mine from sainsburys when they were going cheap there!
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