Creative Zen Micro 6GB MP3 Player with FM radio in Black or Silver - £99.99 delivered

Creative Zen Micro 6GB MP3 Player with FM radio in Black or Silver - £99.99 delivered

Found 18th Jul 2006 have the Creative Zen Micro 6GB MP3 Player with FM radio in either Black or silver for just £99.99 delivered!

Creative's Zen Micro is the digital audio player with attitude. It's micro-sized + fits naturally into the hand, placing the touch-sensitive control pad in the perfect position for navigation with just one finger.

The Zen Micro will store up to 3000 songs in WMA or 1,500 in MP3 on its 6GB hard disk, its easy-to-remove rechargeable battery delivers up to 12 hours of high-quality digital audio. FM radio + voice recording further extend its versatility. The Zen Micro is ideal for use with on-line music services and Windows PCs, supporting downloads at up to a song per second via its USB 2.0 port.

See full specifications by following the DEAL link above!
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Here's the Black

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That's a good price Cat. I used to have one of these, I really like the Creative audio make. I'll tell the truth about the headphones though - apparently I have quite small earholes(!) and the headphones with these were quite uncomfortable. I now have a special set of sony in-ear headphones, which I use for everything.
Thanks for the feedback emma i'd heard good reports about these too!

Just when you mention in ear headphones ... they totally freak me out! I think its because my ears are too small too! They annoy the hell outta me, where did you get your earphones?
[IMG-float=left][/IMG-float][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT][INDENT]Sony MDR EX71

These are the ones I've got. They are so comfortable. They actually come with 3 different sizes of rubber earpieces. I'm using the medium one which is fine, but there is a smaller one as well. I actually got mine off eBay, as these particular ones are quite dear in the online stores (Well, around £30, which I think is quite a lot for headphones!). They were about £25 on eBay.

I've always had trouble with earphones, with my ears hurting after prolonged use, but I've had no problems since I got these.

Hope that helps Cat! I'll have a quick price around the net and see if I can see any bargains on those.[/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT][/INDENT]
Thanks emma fantastic ... dont worry about looking about though i'm sure you've enough to do! I'll have a wee nosey round tonight and may try ebay
It's good for the price but just a reminder that the 20gb photo version is available for a tenner more:

Shop for Creative Zen Sleek Photo 20GB. at


I've the 5gb version and like it a lot - just wish I could justify a new one :-)
It's out of stock Dio, but thanks anyway.
Having said that, finding one in stock isn't easy :-(
So I've just discovered ...
Thanks for that Diodorus .. that would have been an excellent deal!
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