Creative Zen MX 8GB MP3 and Video Player with EXPANDABLE SD Card Slot - £49.99 Delivered at Amazon
Creative Zen MX 8GB MP3 and Video Player with EXPANDABLE SD Card Slot - £49.99 Delivered at Amazon

Creative Zen MX 8GB MP3 and Video Player with EXPANDABLE SD Card Slot - £49.99 Delivered at Amazon

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"Technical Details
8GB capacity stores up to 2000 MP3 songs
2.5-inch 16.7 million colour screen
Play music & video and view photos
Expandable capacity via SD card slot
FM tuner and personal memo recorder"

I'd be really tempted to get this myself if i hadnt recently bought a Sansa Clip+

Great price i thought.

There's also the 16GB version available for £70, also with an expandable SD slot.


these are great players.
the only downside i have with mine - is that anything on your sd card wont incorporate into the players library. so.. all your music is listed in, albums/ artists etc, but to get to anything on the card, you have to go into the memory card via the menus.
not a big thing, but makes a difference. especially if you use something like shuffle etc a lot

I got the 16gb of this on Amazon 6 months ago for not much more than this. It went **** up within 2 weeks. Amazon being one of the best for after sales, I got my money back no problem.
Nice sound good earphones, not much use if the build qualities so bad, though.

Also - its leftist. Dont buy if left handed. Hard work!

I got the 16 Gig about 18 months ago from the creative refurb site....hasn't missed a beat. I use it on my bike. It is not waterproof but it has been soaked in sweat and rain and all is still good. quite a hardy little thing. Comes with "Creative Centrale" software usually to allow control of your music/video playlists, ripping CD's etc but you don't have to use it unlike certain sony players that my wife has tried...you can just drag and drop like USB hard disk.

One other thing. I uninstalled the Creative software when i went it back, and it was still there 2 uninstalls later ! Dunno how that came about but a more aggressive removal did the trick. Also I'm still getting Creative spam that I never asked for, and have actually created junk mail rules to stop.
They still keep coming.

Have the 16gb model.
OK but a bit of a phaff to transfer music.

ive had the 4gb version for about 3 years with no problems.
transfering music is a doddle, just drag and drop.
i never receive any email spam(i really dont see what an mp3 player has to do with email spam)
and as for it being leftist, im left handed and have no problem using it.

really dont understand what the above people are talking about

I purchased the 16g one after my iPod started being a bit rubbish. By far superior to ipods in my opinion! Great deal.

I am going to buy the sansa clip+ from amazon tonight!!

But should i get this instead?

Which is better?

PS - I think clip+ wins cos of clip and size. Only need for music. Dont care about video.

my zen vision m - is one of the best purchases I ever made - too bad Craetive dropped the ball after that one...

A superb little player, I have had problems with sorting out the video codecs (the supplied software to do this is pants, and I had to find software that did it well) other than that, if its music you want it for then these are the mutz nutz.

I agree with all the positive comments - lovely little player. I have watched lots of video content on it as well as listening to music. I convert video using SUPER video converter ( erightsoft.com/S6K…tml though the site is a bit rubbish; I think I had more success downloading with Chrome than my usual FireFox) with these settings:
avi MPEG-4 MP3
320 x 240 (Or 320 x 176 for widescreen)
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