Creative Zen Stone 2GB MP3 Player With Built-In Speaker (Black) - £29.99 delivered @!

Creative Zen Stone 2GB MP3 Player With Built-In Speaker (Black) - £29.99 delivered @!

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Pre-order the Creative Zen Stone 2GB MP3 Player With Built-In Speaker (Black) for £29.99 delivered @!

The ZEN Stone MP3 player with built-in speaker makes listening to your favourite music even more fun. You can choose to share your tracks using the speaker or to listen using earbuds. Either way it's so simple! It has a curved, compact shape and a rechargeable battery that can keep the fun going for up to 20 hours. The 2GB version will store up to 1000 songs and supports MP3 and WMA formats. If you want the simplest MP3 player with a built-in speaker, it has to be the ZEN Stone!


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Thanks neal


* Capacity: 2GB stores up to 1000 songs
* Storage Technology: Hard Disk
* Screen Type: Colour LCD
* Compatible Media Formats: MP3 / WMA / WMA with DRM 9[COLOR=Purple]

Main Specifications:

* Minimum System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2) / XP 64-bit, Microsoft Windows Vista
* USB port
* On Board Speaker
* Size: 53.67x35.63x16(WxHxD)
* Capacity: 1GB & 2GB
* Weight: 18.3g
* Battery: 1 x Rechargeable Lithium Ion

Didn't realise there was a version of this with a speaker. Great price and a little Quidco, too.

I have the stone plus 2gb version (without the speaker). Word of warning......this will lose this! Its friggin tiny! Joking aside, this is a great little player.
The only concern I have about the plus version is the very slow software and interface.

I have the 1gb version of this player and its a nifty little system. Perfect for going jogging or when you don't want to risk brandishing your ipod touch in public (am I the only one paranoid about getting the touch out to change a song in public?) :thinking:

way to annoy strangers with tinny little speaker.
and i like creative's mp3 players.

hmv have these in 1gb for £20:thumbsup:

Think i would prefer to pay £5 more for a screen, radio and other functions rather than a tiny speaker (cant imagine it being very good for the size!). But good deal, and these are TINY and great as a addition to your expensive player. Have a feeling that this might be slightly chunkier though with the speaker...

The 2GB stone plus version is only £32.99 on Amazon inc delivery. (The one with the screen and radio).

Not really great, play were selling a 2gb sony mp3 player last year for £18 - with a screen. Voted cold.

Not bad - a MUCH BETTER deal than that ipod shuffle I saw earlier. A nice small mp3 player, my parents own one each of the 1gb version.

word of warning these also come in 4 gig with or without speaker i also recommend the travelsound speaker for these players its amazing you can get them from ebuyer for just over 20quid voted hot still as these mp3 players poo all over the ipod shuffle


Amazon got me a 4gb for the same price but without speaker.....


Hello.Amazon got me a 4gb for the same price but without speaker.....

How did you manage that? Just checked and it looks like the 4gb model is going for £49.

hi, does anyone know where i can get a zen stone PLUS w/ speaker for a good price?
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