Creative Zen Stone Speakers  (Black) Only £14.99 (50% off!)

Creative Zen Stone Speakers (Black) Only £14.99 (50% off!)

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I think this is a miss price as you can get the same product from a different link for £29.99

anyway here it is +quidco and the usual


Brilliant! Ordered one, thanks!


also ordered one.well spotted,ive wanted one for a while-cheers.

does this only work with creative mp3 players or can I plug my iphone in?

definately hot hot hot...

I'm going on holiday and spent a few days looking on e-bay for cheap portable speakers ... these hit the spot on price and the fact I have a creative zen.... ordered mine today... will report back once I have tested them...

Voted HOT. Thank you very much!

Just ordered - great find.
VOted hot.

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glad you all like them, the speakers themselves are excellent if you have a zen stone or zen stone plus and can either be powered by the zen itself or by 2 AAAs there is a little switch to choose. with just the power from the zen you need full volume to make it sound ok but when you switch it to the AAAs the sound is really loud and clear. good base and crisp.

the answer to using it with an iphone or other players for that matter is yes and no. as the connect is built for houseing the zen the only way to use it with other devices would be to get a cable like this…-14

thats 5.5m though but if you can find a shorter one then yes it can be used for anything.

the aaa batteries last for over 15 hours it think.

only drawback is you cant switch folders without unplugging the zen stone but i think that is a design fault of the player rather than the speakers, its not their fault the switch folders button is next to the headphone socket i just have mine set to shuffle before i plug it in.

You read my mind, still waiting for mine to come through but if I want to use with any other device than the zen you would need to buy a headphone extension cable. Bought mine last night on e-bay for 1p !! (plus £1.98 P&P)....

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my set arrived yesterday and i can confirm its a total misprice
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