Creative Zen V Plus 4GB Mp3 Player - £70.40 delivered @ John Lewis !

Creative Zen V Plus 4GB Mp3 Player - £70.40 delivered @ John Lewis !

Found 18th Mar 2007
I picked one of these from Dixons Taxfree at the airport for £68, but John Lewis have it for not much more and it's in stock.

Use the £10 off first purchase voucher to get it down from £79.95 to £69.95. 5% Quidco will save you a couple more quid taking it down to £66.45, then add on £3.95 delivery taking the grand total to £70.40. Not bad for a 4gb flash player. Also JL through in a one year guarantee. Also available offline in the stores. My bro said they had stock in Liverpool.

Here's the blurb: The gorgeous little Creative Zen V Plus offers a whole host of entertaining features. Store up to 2000 songs, view your photos, play FM radio and enjoy short video clips on its vibrant 1.5 inch colour screen. Its ergonomically designed 5-way switch enables access to all your menus with single hand operation. You can record music directly from your CD player (or other source) with the supplied line-in cable or via your computer. You can also use it as an external storage device to store and save working files from your computer. There's even a voice recording function.
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Good price for 4Gb inc delivery

Thanks feesh69
Nice find Thanks!
Agree..looks a really good deal...feesh69...could you please give some feedback on the quality of this model??..thanks.
Looks good to me, thanks feesh69
i have this mp3 player and its the best ive ever used...i paid over £100 and still think its worth this is a bargain
Player is pretty neat. It's very small, made out of some kind of plastic that is apparently very scratch resistant. Sound quality is very good, so you can hook it up to your stereo just fine.

It's not as easy to use as the ipod nanos, but you get use to it pretty quickly. I just drag and drop my music, but I think you need the software as it doesn't work exactly like a removable hard drive - although you can partition it to use this feature. I think you can use WMP to transfer songs but I don't use it so wouldn't kno. It also does have the bonus of a FM radio - a must for me, but you cannot record from it.

I've put a couple of vids on it - it uses an odd codec (MJPEG), which is not compressed, so the files are very big. However, quality is pretty good. Cartoons obviously look best, but I've tried episodes of Lost and they work fine. Bare in mind the screen is not the biggest. Gonna give it a proper run out when I go for a European weekend break this Friday, so I'll be able to test the battery life.

Oh, and I didn't like the headphones much so I bought the Seinnheiser CX300 from amazon for 16 quid, because I prefer the in ear ones.

All in all, not bad bargain for around £70. Bad point, the joystick isn't the greatest, but considering its around £50 cheaper than an ipod equivalent, i'm not complaining...:-D
Out of stock now

Out of stock now

Thanks fabbers

Worth keeping an eye...;-)

Thanks fabbers :)Worth keeping an eye...;-)

Back in stock, ordered one, cheers OP :thumbsup:

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