Creature Comforts: Complete Series 2 Plus Christmas Special (3 Disc DVD Boxset) £3.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/5% Voucher code @ Play (Also Series 3 £5.49)

Creature Comforts: Complete Series 2 Plus Christmas Special (3 Disc DVD Boxset) £3.99 + Free Delivery/Quidco/5% Voucher code @ Play (Also Series 3 £5.49)

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Double up laughing with a second helping of Creature Comforts!

Unscripted and unashamedly funny, the British public once again speak through the mouths of their plasticine counterparts!

Beast In Show: A rabbit reveals his never ending quest for breeding perfection, a Shetland pony shows a tidy set of hooves to impress his girlfriends, a competitive pig thinks that good losers are losers, and a chicken casts aspersions on the quality of the duck eggs. All bets are off, as the biggest and the best lock horns over their rosettes

The Brood: Have you ever wondered how a seagull feels when its young leave the nest? Or a monkey copes with teething? Or what happens when an amoeba argues with its mum and dad? From cute and cuddly, to teenage tantrums, the ups and downs of parenthood.

Pet Hates: Did you know that pigs hate having their neck breathed on? Or that the best way to irritate a police horse is to walk like a baboon in front of it?... Feathers and fur flies, as temperamental pets reveal what gets their goat.

Impressions: How does a hamster sound like a kipper? Does an owl give a hoot? Can a slug imitate a chicken? Animals test their vocal prowess...

Animals In The 'Hood: What causes a sewer-dwelling crocodile to settle in Stockton Heath? Why is it important for a barnacle to set up home above the flood line? How do moles cope with unexpected leaks, and what does a baby spider think of the long climb to bed? Step out from behind the net curtains, and take a peek into some beastly boudoirs.

Sport!: A tortoise and hare argue over who is the best loser, lemmings point out the drawbacks of cliff-diving, scorpions take us through their fast-hand technique, and a wrestling mouse shows us how to land properly. Survival of the fittest and other fantastic feats with nature's natural athletes.

Monarchy Business: What happens when an Indian elephant breaks into Buckingham Palace? Why do the royal ravens wish the Queen would get a proper job? What do the corgis think about the royal collection, and how does Prince Charles' small talk go down with the flora in the royal garden? Royalists rave and republicans rant beneath the union jack.

Animal Magnetism: How does a miserable hamster attract a mate? Why do rats find eating sandwiches a turn on? What happens when a royal corgi falls in love with a stray, and what makes pigs feel sexy? A soft-centred collection of misty-eyed romantics reveal the art of seduction, and the perils of falling in love.

Bed Time: What happens if a tortoise suffers from insomnia? How does a woodlouse with adenoid problems stop snoring, and why does the Dove of Peace get aggressive if he doesn't get a full night's kip? Nocturnal critters shed light on the workings of the night shift.

Self Image: Do Bald Eagles ever feel self-conscious? What does a Sharpei think about his wrinkles? How does a zebra tackle her laughter lines, and why are snakes allergic to bananas? Pampered pets pontificate on the pitfalls of personal grooming.

Communication: Have you ever wondered what animals are really saying? Well, after watching monkeys debate the origins of language, a cat contemplate deep sea communication, rats arguing over baby talk, and a raven getting a grump on, you'll probably wish you'd never asked!

Safari Park: An itchy-footed meerkat who hitchhikes to Bath, a giraffe without a working permit, a hyperactive ostrich, a territorial gorilla, a confused lion, a forgetful baboon and a lazy hippo reveal life behind the perimeter fence.

Special Features
'Eyeballs And Fishlips': the making of Creature Comforts 2!
'The People Behind The Puppets' featurette
'Creating Creature Comforts 2': rehearsals
Play by character
Countryside Code short
'Who Said That?' game
Kid's Corner featuring colouring-in sheets and downloadable wallpapers
'Wallace & Gromit The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit' trailer


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I also found this, which might be of interest. The next chespest is £7.72, so not a bad bargain either

All seven episodes from the American version of the animated series co-produced by the award-winning Aardman Animations (creators of 'Wallace and Gromit'), in which animal animations are accompanied by an unscripted soundtrack of members of the American public being interviewed. Episodes comprise: 'Pets at the Vet/Secrets and Lies/Animal Magnetism', 'Self Image/Wingin' It/Art', 'Winter/The Zoo', 'Growing Up/Fears and Phobias/Something's Afoot', 'Communication/Feeding Time/Parrot Tongue Twister', 'Working/For the Birds/Love, Animal Style' and 'Great Outdoors/Pet Peeves/Talent Show'.

Price shows £399 Andy!

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Price shows £399 Andy!

I noticed just as I finished the Series 3 blurb. Cheers WK

Ordered. Another great bargain! Cheers.

I bought this when it was at this price a few months back. You can't get better quality for 4 quid! The creature comfort Electric ads are worth the money on their own, and it's amazing how well you have remembered them.

Great spot Wedgo ;-)

The Series 3 boxset is available from for £5.49 including delivery - see linky:…htm

Great price for season 2 boxset though I must say - H & R Andy :thumbsup: - a shame I've already got it! I just need season 1 boxset to come down to a similar price then I'll be well happy!

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Thanks BruntoPasc. Ammended link.
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