Cricket Shoes @ Tesco - Bargain Price!

Cricket Shoes @ Tesco - Bargain Price!

Found 4th Nov 2007
I have just picked up a pair of these cricket shoes in Tesco for £7.49 for my nephew... I hear that Gunn & Moore are a good make so its a bargain price for them.... Not that i'd know!

Anyhow, this is my first actual posting of what I hear is a bargain and i'm sure some of you lot out there are cricketeers.... Any may be of use.


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That should read "And may be of use" sorry

Sorry, i'm not sure how to add the picture...

Yep good brand and a good price, forever closing down and constant sale sport shops will be selling these for twice the price , nice find.

Showing £34.97 now :whistling:

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the price is instore only i'm sure... I couldnt find them that cheap on the webiste hence i put tesco and not tesco direct

The link is only to show the picture ... maybe i should of made that clearer
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