Criminal Justice DVD £1 @ poundland

Criminal Justice DVD £1 @ poundland

Found 12th Nov 2010
Picked up (bought not shoplifted) in Poundland Basildon today this is a cracking drama that was on the bbc a couple of years ago.After a wild night out 21 year old Ben is arrested the following morning and charged with murder, although he has little recall of what happened. Awaiting trial he struggles with life in prison while the system takes its course.A great cast including a terrific perfornance from Pete Postlethwaite @284 mins over 2 discs this is a bargain.
Like Ben this is my first time, so please be gentle.
No jokes please about Basildon.I know most of it's citizens could relate directly to the subject matter.:-D


this any good ?

this was great remember watching over 5 nights on bbc1, defo worth a quid might see if they have it at the Bury £land.:3

never saw it but doesnt sound too bad, particularly for £1?

looked for it today they didnt have any

Got it from home bargains today for 99p, glad I went in! Was really good, picked it up for my mum for Xmas who missed out on it when it was on telly.
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