Crimping Tool and accessories £7.99 @ LIDL from 25/08/2016

Crimping Tool and accessories £7.99 @ LIDL from 25/08/2016

Found 18th Aug 2016
A good price for a very handy tool..... you don't know you need one until you actually need one.

Make stripping various sizes of wires, much easier. I recently bought what looks like a similar one from ScrewFix and it cost about £12. This one also comes with an accessories pack.

From 25th August 2016
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Good find saves biting and chewing the wires X)
saves me cutting my thumb every time using my Stanley.
If you're doing any more than a couple of cables these tools easily pay for themselves in terms of time saved and frustration avoided. I've got a CK version and the Aldi one, and there's very little, if any, difference.
Date could be in title, from 25th
Don't need one, am absolutely useless at DIY, so probably WILL get one !
Had a thing last year about replacing all my old and lost tools and got a bit carried away buying ONLY good quality pliers screwdrivers hammers etc and remember - I don't DO DIY - and I like the look of these, for a good price. I've found LIDL tools etc to be surprisingly high quality too. Found out that their socket set I bought at the time was made in Germany too. Surely you'd think they'd trumpet that ?

Good find saves biting and chewing the wires X)

Especially if the other ends plugged in ! X)
These are good for stripping wires, not so good for crimping terminals. Worth spending a little more on a proper ratchet-based version. Then again, if you're only going to crimp a terminal once in a blue moon, it's probably sufficient. Make sure you check the quality of the crimp by trying to pull the terminal off (better than waiting for it to fall off in use).

Mind you, the most important thing is to use good quality terminals - the metal inside should have a shaped shoulder - larger to grip the insulation and smaller to grip the wire. Cheap ones usually rely on the plastic to grip the insulation, which it often doesn't. Sadly, when buying mail order it's almost impossible to check which you're getting.

Date could be in title, from 25th

Had one for 20 years and probably the most useful tool i have
Been using one I got second hand about 5 years back, agree its a damn useful bit of kit.

Especially if the other ends plugged in ! X)

Yeah. Like the time I was (badly) hard-wiring a second point for my landline. Who knew the wires had 50 volts in them? My tongue was numb for hours.
If you only want the tool Amazon have them for £4.99 HERE Lidl one seems better value with the case and accessories.
I've bought lots of wire strippers, including a pair like these, but they don't work as well as this type:-…730

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These are cracking tools - I have the CK version from Screwfix, but these were around twice the price when they were on offer!
I bought one from ebay years ago, just the stripper only. Really good tool.

Great for breadboards with solid core wire. Works everytime.
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