Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Vii  (PSP) - £12.99 delivered @ Hmv!

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Vii (PSP) - £12.99 delivered @ Hmv!

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Found 18th Sep 2008
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy Vii (PSP) - £12.99 delivered @ Hmv

The Shinra Company is rapidly increasing its influence through its monopoly on mako energy. When a high-ranking member of Soldier, Shinra's elite fighting force, disappears with his contingent, a young Soldier 2nd Class named Zack is sent to investigate. Along with his mentor, Angeal, and Soldier legend Sephiroth, Zack is about to become embroiled in a cruel and fateful struggle that will shake the very foundation of the world...


Hot deal.

Thought I got a result when I paid £17.99 for it from

The game itself if you allow yourself to get into the story will kill hours (i.e long fjourney to sit through).

Well worth £13 of any psp owners money.

fantastic. Am going to PC to price match and get it for 11.79 :thumbsup: Heated added

brlliant price, hands down the best game on the psp, the story will take you ages to complete and with new game + there is loads of replay value

NOw at £27.99......................

Now back down to £12.99, I was going to post it as a deal.
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