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CRIVIT SPORTS Floor Pump - £5.99 @ Lidl from Monday 17th of March
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CRIVIT SPORTS Floor Pump - £5.99 @ Lidl from Monday 17th of March

Posted 9th Mar 2014

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Rated for up to 8 bar (116psi).
Universal dual pump head for use with Presta, Woods and Schrader valves
Durable steel casing with ergonomic T-handle and sturdy foot base
Includes adaptors for air beds, balls or inflatable toys
Easy-to-read manometer with pressure reading to 12bar (174 PSI)
Max. nominal pressure (bar): 8
Pressure hose length approx. (cm): 64.5
Height approx. (cm): 63
3 year manufacturer’s warranty
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These are good - well worth the money.
Bought two and returned two, never got anywhere near 100 psi before the bottoms blew off. You get what you pay for
I got one a year ago, when Lidl last had this model. I use it to inflate my tyres to 120psi.
I've briefly had it reading just over 180 PSI when trying to clear a glued up valve on my dad's bike.
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Need one of these. Thank you!
Had one until the plastic valve connector snapped... wasn't worth the hassle of the return.
£4.99 last year, still great value though
I was looking at this, since I need a decent pump with a presta valve, but the reviews seem pretty poor, I think the £8 one from Wilkinsons is better value.
+1 for mine, used it yesterday been in the garage for a couple of years, still happy.
Had one for a few years and no problems at all up to 110psi. However, they sell a few different versions of this and maybe all are not created equal. Mine has a silvery/grey main tube and accessories in one end of the handle.
I also bought this last year, and it seems good so far. Some good bargains can be found at these Lidl and Aldi cycle events, but you need to be quick :-)
Probably be OK to pump a balloon or an argos bike tyre, for anything more serious buy a toppeak joe blow. Buy cheap, buy twice.
Carry one of these in the back of my car and always seem to be using it to inflate car tyres and bike tyres - lasts well. No idea if it can reach 100psi but takes no time to inflate MTB tyres and much easier/quicker for car tyres than a footpump. Hot.

Really, the number of cars driivng around on saggy baggy tyres, this should be standard issue

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Had one from Lidl a few years back & another from Aldi, I agree with others, these don't last. One had the rubber perish on the hose, the other started leaking from where the tube joined the base, it was a metal tube sealed to the base with epoxy, no good for prolonged 80 psi inflations.
Spend a little extra on something that will last.
Heat added, exactly what I need, and will do the job for me
So whats a good quality alternative?
Bought one last year, it fell apart second time I used it. Bought a Joe Blow Sport II from Halfords for a replacement for about £30 which just works - without falling apart.

I like a lot of Aldi and Lidl stuff, but this purchase (admittedly my model might have been different to this one) was junk.
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So whats a good quality alternative?


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I had one of these last time they had them and it started leaking after a few months but something like the Topeak Joe Blow Max II Track Pump is a good quality alternative, obviously more expensive though. There no need to spend £120 like the specialized one above when the joe blow is more than good enough.

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Had one since last year and had no problems, been great. 3 yr warranty too, just keep your receipt.
Can't comment on the quality of this but I invested in a JoeBlow last year and it's been a god send. Can't recommend a track pump enough if you're a regular cyclist and maintain several bikes. Nice to have a gauge too so you can set your pressures depending on what riding you're doing on the day.
For the money you really can't complain.

For the money you really can't complain.

You can if it doesnt work so is worthless...

I had the same model pictured (double barrel head, adaptors in transparent case hanging off side) and it was rubbish.

On the upstroke it sucked out the air you'd pumped in on the down stroke.
The head was so tight and difficult to get on and off you risked ripping the valve off.
The handle came off - it is only glued on to the end of the shaft which is pointed so no mechanical fit.

In my experience Lidl have a no questions returns policy, mine went back within a week. Worst bit of bike kit, and worst thing from Lidl I've ever bought.

I bought the Airwave Storm from CRC for £17.50 and it gets regular use (4 road bikes, 5 mountain bikes and 2 motorbikes in our "fleet"), I've seen what appears to be the same pump with various labels for similar or less (think Halfords had the same thing, different brand name, a few quid cheaper).

Direct link if it'll allow it


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Ive had two of these for years and they've never let me down. Also got a far more expensive one and neither has that. Pays yer money, takes yer choice, I guess...


What about this? Good reviews and good price:
Variety of comments as to how good/.bad they are might be down to Lidl having six different versions of them
I got two from the last years batch one needs to go back the other is fine
Just bought air only comes out schrader and not presta so don't bother
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