Crosshatch - Men's - Guard (Blue or Yellow - Shell Jacket) LESS than half price, only £19.99 delivered @ + Quidco!

Crosshatch - Men's - Guard (Blue or Yellow - Shell Jacket) LESS than half price, only £19.99 delivered @ + Quidco!

Found 10th Nov 2008Made hot 10th Nov 2008
Nice jackets at really good prices! Blue or Yellow available in S,M, L or XL!!


looks decent nice find

Nice find, have been looking for a new jacket for £20 or less so I've just ordered that.

Just ordered one, thanks for the post.

Heat added

ordered a yellow one cheers

Gone for the blue.

Looks good from the pic,


gone for the blue too. thz

Blue here as well! H&R added! :-D

does anyone know if accept paypal payments?

they dont.

Play don't accept Paypal as far as I know!:thumbsup:

Heat added..! Can't decide if I want it or not..:oops:

I've gone for the blue also,thanks heat added

Anyone know if this is a heavy or light jacket?

Gone for a blue one also.

Thanks OP. H&R added.

thanks, i remember the fly 53 jackets that were on play and i wanted one of those. but these are similiar

thank you just ordered one - HOT!

looks flimsy. anyone actually got one? is it warm??

Just ordered, started to have doubts now though, especially with regard to size. I'm wondering how easy, costly it is to return items to play should the size be wrong etc.

look tacky

blue one looks nice but I went for the Fenchurch deal

Now all you need is an ASBO

They look a bit like those Helly Hansen jackets the neds used to wear all the time.

[email protected];3429899

DAMN! Forgot 6% Quidco!

For some reason, QuidCo has only tracked at 2%, so you're not missing much - 40p.

As you state, it should have tracked at 6% (clothing and accessories), so methinks a QuidCo enquiry is in order.

Yep blue is definitely the better colour in this jacket.

my yellow one come today, looks awesome and perfect fit. cheers op

Well, blinking knew it, the large jacket fits like xxxs. I've had a look at the returns policy and it says you can not return opened items, is this really true, you don't have the option of trying something on and returning it? No email address for play and only an 0845 number(all mobiles here, ouch)

If this is the case, it's last time I ever buy an item of clothing from

to return just go to your orders and click return an item- they're actually very good with returns. I'm very impressed and have never had to pay return postage.

My blue one arrived today, perfect fit, very impressed.

pic if you wearing it?

Is it a shiny blue or a matt blue in colour. Cant tell from the picture on play.

Now up to £24.99 ! :roll:

was happy with mine, untill the zip broke after 5 or 6 times of wearing it.

perfect fit and very warm, you can get this for 17.99 on play,just use the code CLOTHES08 at the checkout
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