Crow (Legends Packaging) - reg 4 DVD, £3 delivered @ CD-WOW

Crow (Legends Packaging) - reg 4 DVD, £3 delivered @ CD-WOW

Found 25th Jan 2010
In a world without justice, one man was chosen to protect the innocent. There is a legend that when a soul can't rest, a crow can bring that soul back from the dead, to seek justice and make the wrong things right. In the film which cost him his life, martial arts phenomenon Brandon Lee stars as a superhuman mystical hero who returns from the grave to exact revenge on the killers of his fiancee and himself. With mind-numbing effects, awesome action and a dark, cyber-punk setting which leaves BATMAN for dead, it's no wonder THE CROW has been described as a pulsating and hypotic fantasy that will leave you gasping.


awesome movie, will this play on the ps3?

sorry but where is region 4? nice find if works on pal systems.

edit: australia,new zealand, latin america
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