*** Crown Carvery all you can eat meal and pudding for only £5 ***
*** Crown Carvery all you can eat meal and pudding for only £5  ***

*** Crown Carvery all you can eat meal and pudding for only £5 ***

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When: Mon - Sat
How: In restaurant offer Ends: Thurs 31 Dec
Where: Nearest Crown Carveries Food: Pub Grub
Restrictions: Not available Sundays, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Get a carvery meal (with unlimited vegetables, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and trimmings) and a dessert (either a traditional Christmas pudding or ice cream) for £5 as part of this in restaurant offer.


I have had one of these, go to the usual carvery every week, how can you not for 3.95 (5 with christmas pudding or ice cream) the quality is amazing and the ice cream is pretty awesome (i had the christmas pudding though which was alright XD)

while your there maybe get some half price stamps....LOL

not one near me still hot though

Would help if there was one near me.:santa:

Its £3.50 mon to sat.
The meat is always dry as leather, but the veggies and gravy are nom nom nom


Went the other day, was very impressed for the price (£3.59). Meat was fine (choice of 3 - beef, turkey, gammon) and loads of veg and potatoes (good choice too - sprouts, cauliflower, brocilli, carrots, peas, and boiled and roast potatoes - also stuffing and yorkshire pudds)

Didnt think much of the desert selection (add ice cream for £1.40? No thanks - and the wife doesn't like xmas pud). Also thought the kids reduction was too small to have any point (£3.25) but still - you could feed a family of four for less than going to maccies

Voted hot

Theres one near me, yay! Voted HOT

What do some people want for a Fiver?
Go to the main fast food outlets and see what you get for the same price.No Veg.Crap meat.
Rubbish environment.

There's one nearish to us 29 miles away but not far from the shops which are 30 miles anyway LOL.

£5 eat all you can

As for the leathery comment above I can imagine that being the case during the day when the meat has sat under a heat lamp for a long time but that would happen at any carvery, if you time it right when it's going to be a little busier you'll get the better meat (or just after they open of course when it's freshly cooked)

Dead hot for me!!

I regularly go to the beach arms in basingstoke. Hardly haute cuisine but certainly as good as toby and since we became parents its a good value, welcome break from cooking every sunday. The beef is a little dry sometimes but its not covered in fat like it is in toby, turkey and gammon are fine and the veg is pretty good- you get a choice of a seasonal option (currently sprouts, usually cauliflower), carrots, peas, swede, potatoes and roast spuds. Even on sunday at 6.50 iirc it's good value. This deal, however, is nothing special, as it's usually 3.50 for a carvery meal and most of the dessers, which are nicer than xmas pud or ice cream, aren't around a couple of quid anyway. Not voted for this reason.


while your there maybe get some half price stamps....LOL

wtf? :thinking::thinking:

Well its not all you can eat, its only one serving of meat, then you can have as much veg and that as you want. But the meat is def limited or so I was lead to believe.

This is the best meal deal you can get, £3.50 for a roast and unlimited veg. Our meat has never been tough and we always eat evenings. My only complaint is they stop carving at 9pm........You have to learn the plate piling techniques though, not too much yorkshire and glue it all down with liquids, yum.

Windmill here I come.......


Its £3.50 mon to sat.The meat is always dry as leather, but the veggies … Its £3.50 mon to sat.The meat is always dry as leather, but the veggies and gravy are nom nom nom:santa:

I've found it the opposite, beautiful meat but horrible over cooked frozen veg.

very good value - tried several places and they maintain a good standard - starters and sweets cheap - not a huge selection but no complaints from me.

Didnt realise 1 of the local pubs was a crown carvery :thumbsup:

I used to work for these so I know exactly how they work. These are exactly the same company as Toby Carveries and the meat is EXACTLY the same and cooked to the same standards. The only difference is that Toby has a larger overall menu and the yorkies are often homemade.

I'll be honest, the meat is excellent (depending what time of day you visit, the beef can be hit and miss) but the veg is lousy. However, for the price you simply cant complain. I would personally not get the £5 deal, but get the £3.50 meal and then get the treacle sponge with custard or the choc fudge sensation.

I wouldnt take your girlfriend there for a fancy meal, but if you want a satisfying tea then you simply can't go wrong.
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