Crown non drip gloss 2.5 litre £10 in Wilko

Crown non drip gloss 2.5 litre £10 in Wilko

Found 5th Aug 2017
Non Drip FormulationFor interior and Exterior wood and metalHigh Sheen finish
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Nice find nandito

Good brand and a great price.

Nice find Nandito
PennyTrader5th Aug 2017

Good brand and a great price. Nice find Nandito

Thanks penny
Will turn yellow in about 12 months
AVANTIME41 m ago

Will turn yellow in about 12 months

Personal experience of this or just hearsay?

Heat added
AVANTIME2 h, 0 m ago

Will turn yellow in about 12 months

Only if you don't wipe it down regularly
zombrex31 m ago

Only if you don't wipe it down regularly

That's not really true. Oil based gloss paints naturally yellow much more over time compared to water based. Exposure to light actually reduces and somewhat reverses yellowing i.e. probably opposite to what you might expect. Wiping down with an Ammonia based cleaner will increase yellowing.
I used this last week and noticed it had taken a lot longer to dry than it said on the tin ,thats with the weather being a hot day ! The gloss was still sticky after 2 days , anyone else have this problem ?
AVANTIME7 h, 45 m ago

Will turn yellow in about 12 months

If your lucky
Samuel, The reason it takes a long time to dry is because due to EU 2010 VOC regs, all paint companies have taken out white spirit and replaced with linseed oil which speeds up yellowing and slows drying.
Johnstones Trade Aqua gloss is a very good water based alternative, use the Aqua undercoat for best results and a good quality brush designed for water based paints. top tip is give the surface a wipe down as well as rub down it sticks far better ro clean surfaces.
All the retail dulux crown water based glosses at homebase, b n q etc are very very poor coverage and leave a soft finish, this product really needs to be the trade versions, l find dulux trade water gloss, water gloss, crown trade water gloss pretty poor also, the johnstones trade aqua range really is streets ahead. Johnstones decor centres sell this
painter and decorator 20 years…OBW


probably worth it.............probably
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4 times a year Johnstones decor centres have a bonanza sales event, this is advertised on talk radio and in press, aqua gloss is on offer £ 29.99 plus vat per 5litres, £36 also good time to stock up on emulsions etc, the trade 10l drums are always good value on this promo, plenty decorators stock up on various products then, trade and retail customers get the same discount during these promo weeks.
I hate trying to find paint is it all poo nowadays? The water based stuff looks great but seems to literally be wiped away when cleaning and oil stuff just goes yellow.

I don't understand how you can sell white paint that turns yellow :/. What paint would you guys use for a doorframe in white? I got a tin of johnstones gloss white oil based but I might take it back if it's just gonna turn yellow.
fishleg, the johnstones trade aqua is pretty hard wearing, l would use for door frames etc, its far better than most, You can sell oil based paint that quickly goes yellow, It has cost dulux /crown /johnstones many thousands £ in claims when all this 2010 voc carry on started, the tin of oil based gloss u have will be light cream in 6 months. I would take it back
jamgin20 h, 19 m ago

Personal experience of this or just hearsay?

Most oil based paints go yellow unless in very bright areas, I used 'Armstead quick drying satin' last time, more expensive but some things are just worth it
I’ve heard that Dulux Trade High Gloss white paint has been reformulated and as a result it is far less prone to yellowing than most oil based paints. Does anyone on here have any experience of the latest formulation and if so, does it yellow or fade evenly to a light cream colour?
Used some Armsted white goss water based a year ago and still white, touched up the with some other day and no difference.Only problem not as durable.
Any one who has not seen noticeable yellowing after a year or two with oil based must be color blind .
A lot dearer but easily worth it.
Cheapest at the moment is £30.29 for 5 litres on Amazon..…H6A
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morrig that link is for the amstead oil based gloss, it will quickly yellow just like the rest
Can you use water based over oil based?
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