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Unlimited Breakfast £4.29 @ Crown Carvery
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
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No worse than that they charge you 89p extra for mushrooms


They charge you 50p extra for Mushrooms! Seriously...


Lol.. good price.. but it would cost more than that for me to get there.... think they will deliver? (lol)


They make the money on the tea and coffee & orange prices that are not included with the breakfast. You do not need to buy drinks though.


The two carveries you're talking about are in fact Toby and the ones I use and highly recommend for the price they charge, see my comment above yours ^


£7.97 for a adult on Sundays realistic price changes


Premier Inn. Kids can eat an all you can eat breakfast every day free. 2 kids for every paying adult. We always stop on route on days out or holidays. J29 m5 is out favourite. 6 can fill there boots for under £20. I'm going to look up Crown carvery now as that's a new one to us. Good spot. Heat added


lol...when the price doubles for adults. oO


we went last week to our local one and it was only £23 for 2 adults and 3 kids (all kids meals were done free). that's to me is a bargain, joint of meat were having today costed over £10 and then electric to cook pay same price to cook at home!


With Sunday being by far their busiest day, because the carvery roast equates to a 'Sunday Roast', if you're going to go on a Sunday as many people traditionally do regardless of price, (hence busiest day) then it's good to get the kids meal free I think.


It is £4.19 Monday-Saturday. It almost's doubles on a Sunday! You don't really save anything?


Hmmm....they've closed all the carveries down around here in the last couple of years, Kendal, Preston, Blackpool.........I'm sad.....


You get a emailed a voucher for a free carvery on your birthday (when another main is purchased)


£3 for selling your details wonder how much they will give me for my soul


yeah i got pud too :( not £3 :(


Free PUD, awrite innit! i know how you english rave on about puddings


I got free starter/pud..not £3 :s

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2 Courses for £4.99 at Crowne Carveries
Found 14th Jan 2016Found 14th Jan 2016
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jennypenny Yes you can show it via your mb or print it out. Terms & Conditions: This voucher entitles the holder and up to five more guests to two courses (main course and pudding) for £4.99. Offer available Monday to Saturday from Monday 4 January 2016 to Saturday 30 January 2016. Main courses included in the offer are standard three-roast carvery, hand battered fish, balti pie, shepherd’s pie, sausages, macaroni cheese (v), and meat free carvery (v). Puddings included are bottomless ice cream, strawberry Angel Delight, apple & blackberry pie, and strawberry trifle. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. The voucher must be presented at the time of purchase to qualify for this offer either as a print out or on your mobile phone. All items are subject to availability. The management reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time. Promoter: Mitchells & Butlers Retail Ltd trading as Crown Carveries


Can I use voucher straight from the phone or have to print??


Thanks Jenny Good solid northern /midlands foods, i do however object to the wording of hand battered fish. I would hate to eat a hand battered fish . It conjurers up the image of the poor fish being punched time and time again while it screams out in agony and then dies. Why not word it in a more tasteful manner by using the words punch drunk fish with bloodshot eyes, that conveys a more macho image of the fish and when you are drunk you will think you have got bloodshot eyes and the inherit boxing abilty of at fish which is zero.


Good or bad, at least they support armed forces, currently with a 10% discount .


This made me Chuckle (Y)

AYCE Breakfast at Crown Carveries for
Found 23rd Jul 2015Found 23rd Jul 2015

Harvester are owned by the same company as Crown and premier inn don't always cook to order. I've been to many which are counter self service.


Sorry but I think the Harvester or Premier Inn Breakfast's are far superior to these, they are cooked to order, and the price includes continental selections as well. Admittedly they are a bit more expensive but worth the extra in my opinion. I think premier also have a children eat free deal at the moment also. Crown and Toby part of the same group, both serve breakfast that has been pre cooked earlier and kept warm


Worst breakfast ever, everything served from keep warm plates.


Just need the spam now


It's. To an offer though it's just the normal price...



Totally agree. Everywhere I went in the states they gave me money off or something free for showing a military card !


Voucher sorted, veterans badge ready.


time to polish me old veterans badge. might not tell hubby and make it look like i am treating him to lunch and just nick his mod90 so his is free too :D


that's great not enough support for out forces in this day and age!


Did this last weekend. Thought a big chain like this would be an average carvery, but it was one of the best I ever had. Took my partner and twins, they ate for free and I had a birthday voucher (perk to registering on there site as a customer) and this gives you a FREE kinsize carvery and a free pud. The waitress even gave the twins a free ice cream each. for the 4 of us to eat a carvery, 1 drink and pud each cost just £11 and was by far one of the best I have had in a while.

2 Courses For £4.99 @ Crown Carveries
Found 7th Jan 2014Found 7th Jan 2014
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excellent, love toby's!


I went there sun first time was dead cheap but was lovely and my child are for free :-) def goin again


Brand standard price is £3.69 for smaller and £4.19 for standard in Milton Keynes


sorry £3.59. ;-)


Ours is £3.69 for a full adult sized meal. honestly couldn't eat anything larger.

Free Carvery To Celebrate Armed Forces Day
Found 30th May 2013Found 30th May 2013
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Sorry idiot, did not realise you had responded and wished the same from me ! I chose to join the Army, most of my tours were humaintarian, protecting the innocent such as bosnia. more recently the gulf. I would expand but feel it would be wasted on you. Just to enlighten you to the killing done by soldiers. the majority of soldiers in both the great wars did not even fire their weapon in anger let alone kill anyone. Indeed there were as many deaths from the Spanish Flu as the world war, if not more as i cannot be bothered to check statistics, you can waste your time doing that. I ahd the misftune fo visiting Belsen Concentration Camp , among others, prhs you shoudl visit and tell me how terrible the allies were - after you visit the memorial centre and wakled the grounds. Idiot ! Just to clarify


First off i'm not a soldier never said i was, just you that seem to be under the assumption that all armed forces personnel are but yes we do more humanitarian work than fighting its just that it doesn't get recognised as much due to it not being as newsworthy as when we go to war. Secondly I can only assume due to all your apparent outrage and the very fact that you are bringing racism into this debate that you are not white, this never started as an arguement over colour but religion. This takes me straight back to the point in my first comment about who you may be upsetting online I am white but my wife is black born and raised in hull (lookup Chris Alder yourself ass see where he's from) our children are all mixed race and if anyone called them brown people i'd kick their ass so bad their grandkids would still be feeling it when they're born no matter their colour. Lastly Joe Glenton as far as i'm concerned is fully entitled to his views but there are better ways to go about what he wanted without going awol which i'd consider a cowards way out, having suffered a degree of bullying myself by someone of a higher rank I used the system that we have in place rather than run from my troubles although being unable to tolerate bullies especially when they're half my size the temptation to beat the crap out of him was almost too much to bear but the satisfaction that he will never get another promotion stopping where he is till he leaves the service made me feel somewhat better.


You questioned my intellect. Lets look at yours. You are making the job of a soldier sound as if you are a humanitarian worker. You may not have killed anybody, but thats simply because someone else is doing it for you. Look at just about every war currently going on, has gone on in the last 20 years and tell me who it is good for, who has it united? and how has it liberated the people on the recieiving end of it? its nonsense. As for your comment about james the 1st. You don't go to war for him anymore do you. It's the rich politicians of today that tell you to go to war. And for what? Real hereoes are people like Joe Glenton. My final point on this is that when a bunch of brown people do something anti military the whole country is up in arms. Lookup christopher alder. He was killed by british police. No outrage then was there? Double standards bordering on racism.


The comments above just show the narrow minded stupidity displayed by people that know nothing about everything, First off where do you get the idea that we kill people in the past 22 years I can say hand on heart that I have not been required to kill anyone even though I have been trained to, so to tar all armed forces personnel with that is idiotic, I have however been involved in relief aid in various hot spots around the world helping to rebuild houses in communities that have been swallowed by natural disasters, helped rescue a ferry load of 70 civillians after a capsize in the caribbean and taken part in many operations to stop drugs supply worldwide. Lastly I've never been asked to go looking for oil. 155an reminds me of anti United Kingdom Islamist extremist propaganda spouting gimp (Please do not take this as a dig against Islamists or Muslims just the idiots that twist the various beliefs out of context). Clue is in the name UNITED we work for the people with the people under the UNION Flag. 155an if you're not part one of those groups of extremists that are currently causing so much hassle in the UK then please in future do think about who you may be upsetting, Especially in light of recent events caused by the death of one of our own on our own soil ( who was a drummer not a killer) and your educational standard astounds me first time i've heard James 1st called a rich dude bet he never thought he'd be called that in 1606 when he created the flag to unite our nations lol.


You didn't nswer my question. If i am ignorant for saying it how it is then fine. You keep sending your poor kids to die for the rich, and feel proud flying a flag that the rich dude told you to feel proud of. You aren't really much more than a slave.

Crown Carveries - 2 courses for 2 people £10
Found 22nd May 2013Found 22nd May 2013
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I wondered whether that one would be commented on. The in-laws love Crown Carveries, i hate them as the food is often under seasoned, over-cooked, under cooked, cold. However, I suppose it's not bad value overall if that's what you like.


I went one nite and were only serving Gammon and the pie, and the other meats were due at some point ><


Indeed, but I don't personally find it a concern when eating out at a piggery :D


OK thanks for that. Have been twice to the Blue Peter in Derby & was brilliant each time but have not been to that one.


And others like to talk it like you. X)