Crucial 500gb M.2 Sata SSD £101.13 @ Ebuyer

Crucial 500gb M.2 Sata SSD £101.13 @ Ebuyer

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Posted 25th Apr 2018Edited by:"fiqqer"
  • Capacity 500GB
  • M.2 SSD
  • Sequential Read/Write 560MB/s - 510MB/s
  • Random Read/Write IOPS 95k/90k
  • Limited Five Year Warranty

500GB drive: 180TB Total Bytes Written (TBW), equal to 98GB per day for 5 years

I bought a home use laptop with ok specs however battery life is dreadful and performance isn't what I am used to, having only purchased refurbished business laptops for my personal use.

It takes an M.2 Sata drive so I have been looking at the best option to improve performace. This looks ideal and will allow me to insert a larger internal battery for the laptop.
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Part # in this deal: CT500MX500SSD4
Model Range # Crucial MX500 M.2


eBuyer - cold!
MagicBoy9 h, 51 m ago

eBuyer - cold!

Thankfully I have never had a problem in over 15 years of purchasing stuff from them.
How's this compare in terms of spec Vs the 960 evo?
Sharpharp4 m ago

How's this compare in terms of spec Vs the 960 evo?

Depends on how the drive is used.

Going off the benchmarks - no contest. Crucial is SATA and is limited by the interface speed, Samsung is NVMe.
Real life - the Samsung might load your Far Cry level about half a second quicker.
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