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Crucial BX500 480GB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal SSD - Up to 540MB/s £32.95 @ Amazon

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I was looking for a reliable, well-priced SSD to breath some new life (and space) into an older laptop, and came across this.

It was about 50p cheaper back in August, but about £25 cheaper than it was this time last year.

With things being tight right now, it's a very affordable way to make a big improvement to an old laptop that still has a mechanical HDD. You can pay another £25 for the extra 500MB, but I think this is a great price point for most users.

Also looks like free delivery, even without Prime
Amazon More details at Amazon
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    "These are very poor drives"

    Im not following you.

    There are 48,857 reviews, of which a huge 95% of them give the drive 4 or 5 stars out of 5 - thats nearly 46,500 out of just over 48,500 glowing reviews.
    Id take my chances with any purchase having such a high review average...
    48,857 people, the vast majority of which aren't knowledgeable in this space and aren't comparing like-for-like against other drives, they're comparing against not having a drive or whatever they were using before. Amazon reviews are great, but a) they're easily gamed and b) it's also worth looking at reviews by professionals, as linked above.
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    These are very poor drives and based on this review you will find better at lower priices:
    This is reviewed below and is cheaper.


    Kioxia is the new name for Toshiba's SSD division which they sold off and they make some decent value drives,
    I agree, though the MX line are very good, and seen not far off this price, don't have a link atm
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    Bought one of these before Christmas, it was DOA. Sent back & got a replacement, worked for 3 days then died, thankfully I still have the original drive I cloned onto it. Now on drive No 3 so hoping third time will be a charm !
    Mine came this morning - seems to work as expected. Guess it's bad luck on your part maybe
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