Crucial CT8G4DFS824A 8gb 2400mhz RAM £62.64 @ Amazon

Crucial CT8G4DFS824A 8gb 2400mhz RAM £62.64 @ Amazon

Found 19th Mar
No heat sink... But with insane ram prices recently I think this is worth mentioning. It might go cold because time machines etc... But it is mainly a heads up for people who want to build a reasonably priced pc..
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Solid price for the performance in the current climate.
I bought this the day before at £70! Well it's going back and buying this one instead
Getting itchy fingers, best price around at the moment, could wait forever, if the ever do, for memory prices to hit a sensible level again, same as graphics cards
Heat added, currently trying to price up a system now that can do some light gaming and more importantly I can do my work on. DDR4 prices are just unreal as are graphics card prices but its essential that I build something asap as my old Dell's PSU died and its just not worth the cost of replacing it.

So currently on a mission to build a Coffee Lake machine as cheaply as possible but by leaving room for upgrades in the future, the other problem I have is not having enough money while all the deals come up. I am getting there though and every post that helps is a plus for me so thanks OP and I can always add a aftermarket Heatsink if I want it to look good.
FYI memory acts more like a capacitor than a transistor so heatsinks are largely just aesthetics. Unless your ram has a serious air flow problem it will remain pretty cool.
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