Crucial MX100 256GB 2.5" SATA SSD -  £63.99 Office Outlet - In Store, Greenbridge, Swindon

Crucial MX100 256GB 2.5" SATA SSD - £63.99 Office Outlet - In Store, Greenbridge, Swindon

LocalFound 2nd Mar 2017
A discontinued model from Crucial, but about the cheapest I've seen for a new, brand-name 256GB SSD after the recent price increases. An end-of-line offer, in-store only I think. They also had a few 512GB MX100s earlier in the day for < £100 but they all went - other Office Outlet's (used to be Staples) might have them.

Edit: The store is no longer Staples - it's been renamed as "Office Outlet"
and as of 2017-03-02 12:55 the SSDs are still there.
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Been using this for 2 years. flawless. cant complain at this price.
Just called a couple of stores and they are no longer Staples and now an office outlet! Oh well at least the op got one
Bit odd that the OP found these in store in a Staples, considering the stores aren't called Staples any more
I must admit that I didn't notice that the store wasn't Staples anymore - apparently they've sold all their retail outlets and are online only. Anyway, the SSDs are/were in the store that *used* to be Staples in the Greenbridge Retail Park in Swindon.
decent if you can find them
sadly prices on nand and dropping pound mean the same drive that was 60 a year ago (like Samsung 850 evo 250GB) is now 90
None locally, although they did have UPS and a few other things on clearance.
The Staples brand or the uk stores were sold last year and the owner of HMV bought them and rebranded them as Office Outlet.
Good god , somebody bought staples ? Really bad store (maybe becoz of the impending selloff) , but a good price ...
Just had a 512gb one from Kidderminster .... Priced on shelf at £149.99... Goes through the till at £95.99...
There was one left at 4pm tonight.....
Can confirm those prices at Office Outlet at Southampton West Quay retail branch. Was couple of display boxes on shelf around 3 of each 250GB and 500GB.
I got the last 256gb in Swindon today, thanks cjed for sharing
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