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Posted 25 November 2022

Crucial P3 Plus 1TB M.2 PCIe Gen4 NVMe Internal SSD (Up to 5000MB/s) £71.99 @Amazon

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Lowest ever Amazon price. This drive also sounds like it could be a good budget option for expanding the PS5 memory.

'Coming in at just under the recommended minimum benchmarks for what the hardware manufacturer advises [5500MB/s sequential reads], the drive was recognized by my [PS5] console and worked flawlessly in every game and file transfer test I threw at it.

To see what this DRAM-less SSD could do, I transferred a total of 88.89GB worth of data from my PS5's internal storage to the P3 Plus, and the results surprised me. Matrix Awakens, 25.27GB, was written onto the NVMe SSD in just 22 seconds, with Fortnite, and its larger 32.95GB file size, successfully installed in just 28 seconds; absolutely nothing wrong with the rates here.

Said games that made the transition performed as if they were installed natively on the console's internal drive with no differences being immediately apparent in the several hours I played. It should be said, should PS5 be a priority here, that you will have a better time opting for the Crucial P5 Plus (opens in new tab) instead which is tailor-made for the system. However, should you want to throw a P3 Plus into it, I can confirm that it does work well. '


  • NVMe (PCIe Gen4 x4) technology with up to 5000MB/s sequential reads, random read/write 650K/800K IOPS
  • Spacious storage up to 4TB
  • Performs up to 43% faster than the fastest Gen3 NVMe SSDs
  • Rated at MTTF greater than 1.5 million hours for extended longevity and reliability
  • Backward compatibility with Gen3

Previous lowest price was ~£81.
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    WD SN770 1TB is slightly faster and slightly cheaper... (on amazon) (edited)
    That WD is also TLC flash, so will last longer and be more reliable.
  2. Avatar
    SSD Endurance (TBW) - 220TB, do yourself a favour and avoid this drive.
  3. Avatar
    Problem with this is you’ll fill it up with games but not actually play and complete them!
    I like to think in some alternate universe, there's a version of me that actually plays games and doesn't just hoard em.
  4. Avatar
    It's showing as £76.44 for me.
  5. Avatar
    does this work on a ps5?
    According to the reviewer in the link, yes.
  6. Avatar
    I assume this isn't far off the Samsung 980 Pro in terms of performance? Can see that on Amazon (with heatsink) for £97.99 right now.
    980 Pro has DRAM cache so will be faster for the first gig copied or so
  7. Avatar
    Hey op. Did you buy a heatsink for it?
    I still haven't decided if I'm actually gonna buy the SSD yet (not sure if I need it), but one would be recommended. I was looking at this heatsink but it's currently OOS.
  8. Avatar
    Ofc you’ll need one with built in heatsink. Why risk it without since it’s officially recommended
  9. Avatar
    Can I use this as an external storage for backup (ie files, photo, documents)? Sorry I know nothing about nvme. (edited)
    Unfortunately NO, this plugs directly into the motherboard.

    Before the 'unhelpful votes' you could spend more on an enclosure and usb adapters to turn it into an external drive, but that seems like a lot of effort when you can just buy a thumb drive.
  10. Avatar
    Seems to be really slow according to some reviews photos
  11. Avatar
    Is that the cheapest ps5 1TB atm?
  12. Avatar
    Did anyone else received empty packaging this week? I have 2 both sealed envelopes but the box was open and just manual and screw inside?