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Crucial RAM 16GB (x2 = 32GB) DDR5 4800MHz only £101.03 Delivered @ Amazon.de

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***Price drop on this to just under £85.***

If you are looking for some cheap DDR5 for a system, you can pick up the 'slow' but perfectly capable Crucial 4800 MT/s 16GB DIMM's for just over £100 from Amazon.de, or if you use a fee free card around £98.

Make sure to add two to your basket to get this price, you can of course buy just one but that would be a similar postage cost, and you really should be installing in pairs.

Amazon Germany More details at Amazon Germany

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    So....its 16gb or 2x32gb?
    OP, to avoid any confusion, why not word it as:
    16GB for €54.90 / 2x16GB for €109.80
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    Good deal

    These use Micron chips - which are the worst DDR5 chips, but will still overclock to 5200MT/s.
    I've had them up to 5600 MT/s with 13th Gen. not great timings and voltages a bit on the high side. Certainly will do 5200 way though.
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    I'd like to chip in here (pun intended).

    If I was to sell this deal as 32gb, I'd put 32gb (2x 16gb) in the title, but the equal sign will do!

    I see you're living up to your namesake Uncommon.Sense
    I'd also put it that way, and fully agree with the name, but I'm not sure my username permits me to pass judgement haha
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    Oh no but it's so slow! DDR5 starting to come down in price, good stuff!
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    Nice price OP. Thanks for sharing.
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    @Uncommon.Sense The price has dropped even further to EUR 44.90
    I ended up paying EUR 94.68 posted which is about £82.60.

    Thank you for posting. (edited)
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    Decent price drop on this today, now down to just under £85, that's DDR4 money!