Crucials Yoghurt & Mint Dip (500ml) - 99p @ B&M

Crucials Yoghurt & Mint Dip (500ml) - 99p @ B&M

Found 26th Jul 2010
A yoghurt & mint dressing thats creamy smooth with a sweet flavour. Great on barbequed food and salads. Ideal as a dip.

-It's basically the mint sauce you get from Indian takeaways which is usually around 50p a carton (plus they tend to add water).
I've searched high and low for it for ages, even tried making my own at one point (which failed miserably). Now to dip everything in it for the next few weeks...
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this anything like the Indian popadom one ?
i love this, bought 5 bottles last time i was in, know what, im going to eat some now
thanks - think I'll get some , how long does it last - do you have to fridge it once opened
Yummmm this stuff is lovely, I have it with lots of my meals instead of Mayo and it also helps to cool down spicier food. Fab with your BBQ condiments too HOT!!
nice stuff, local market sells it for 1.99 but you get a choice of about 100, personal favourite hot stuff chip shop chilli sauce
I saw this today but has anyone tried fresh plain yogurt with mint sauce mixed in. It tastes loads better and is a healthier option. Good deal though.8)
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