Cruise Fashion Winter Sale - up to 80% off.
Cruise Fashion Winter Sale - up to 80% off.

Cruise Fashion Winter Sale - up to 80% off.

On a more serious note... Up to 80% off Cruse clothing, quite alot of nice clothes in the sale men's 2 piece DKNY suit for £100. Still making my way through the 9000 items....


Heat.. But £6 delivery

A pair of marble soled brogues and Vivienne Westwood trousers for under £600, what more could any man want! Cold from me but I'm just a simple northern lad.

Very much doubt they are actually in stock. seem to like listing things but when you order you get email 2 days later saying out of stock then they relist it!??

Awful overpriced clothing

Do not buy from cruise you'll regret it. They won't send you all your stuff & say some bits were out of stock but will be clearly shown as available for the next chump who comes along. Where's the Internet police when you need em

Ordered from them a number of times and not had any problem,some high quality gear with good savings.

Spent ages going through the menswear - tried to check out - virtually everything out of stock

What do you expect when they are mostly owned by sports direct

Joke of a company, awful customer service if you can even get a reply.

Wouldnt recommend one bit

Aren't cruise yet another Sports Direct web site? Would explain the lack of customer services.
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