Crumpler Ugly Divorce Leather Laptop Bag £63.96 @ Fotosense rrp £149.95
Crumpler Ugly Divorce Leather Laptop Bag £63.96  @ Fotosense rrp £149.95

Crumpler Ugly Divorce Leather Laptop Bag £63.96 @ Fotosense rrp £149.95

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Just picked up this bag from my local store but can be bought online. Colour may not be to everyones taste but fantastic quality bag

Ugly by name but not ugly by nature. Crumplers Ugly Divorce is a smart looking very roomy laptop bag for laptops up to 36 x 28 x 4.5cm ie Apples Macbook Pro 15W" without being bulky. Plenty of protection in the padded laptop pocket and numerous other pockets in the main section with space for files etc. The....

* External dimensions 45 x 35 x 16cm
* Capacity: Fits 12", 13", 14", 15", and 15W" laptops
Regular Price: SRP £ 149.95
£ 79.95
Save £ 70.00 ( 47% )
Special Price: £ 63.96


WTF is it called "Ugly Divorce" ??


WTF is it called "Ugly Divorce" ??

lmao :giggle:

if it was same time last year .. I would have thought about it...But not gonna buy these colours... black or brown.. I would have..

Now ...seems outrageous to spend money on a bag.

What a dumb name for a bag!


What a dumb name for a bag!

What a dumb price for a bag!

I guess most people voting cold for these bags don't really know what they are.
Very cheap for this bag, voted hot!

Crumpler bags all have silly names, it's a refreshing change. And the bags themselves are the most luxurious consturction. Made entirely from thick weave and heavily padded materials, quad stiched, stiching protection, soft insides they really are worth the premium prices (after a HDUK discount of course ) .

Unlike say a designer handbag, these are expensive because they are using a lot of quality raw materials to put them together.

I paid less for my laptop than the list price of this bag! I hope it would be well made but I just can't see that any bag can be worth 63 quid. If it's the image you're after I think most people won't know what it is and the rest will think 'mug'. I can't believe you actually bought one!

Normally 80 quid, don't get fooled by RRP.

Sorry, I'm not trying to be destructive, it's just that ridiculously expensive goods don't really work on a deals site, even if they are reduced. The excesses of the last few years are coming to a rapid end in our new economic circumstances and it's not all bad.

Laptop bags and Digital camera bags, you get what you pay for. This isn't high fashion, it's functional. Go and feel one in a shop and you wll understand what a quality bag feels like.

These are better quality than Samsonite and Lowepro, just to give you some idea, and those two aren't cheap either.

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What a dumb price for a bag!

this coming from someone whos posted a car on for £60000!!!! lol

Well spotted!

I still think the car's a better deal though (not that I can afford one unfortunately).
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