Crumpton Oaks Cider 500Ml - 85p @ Tesco - Online & In Store

Crumpton Oaks Cider 500Ml - 85p @ Tesco - Online & In Store

Found 5th May 2017
Crumpton Oaks Cider 500Ml only 85p! In store & online.

Alcohol Units 2.5
ABV 5% vol.
Pack Quantity 500
Pack Measure ml
Alcohol Type Cider/Perry
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    Normal price for this but I normally pick it up when there is any on the shelf. It's not bad.
    Straight outta Crumpton
    £2.04 for 2 litres in morrisons
    I like this stuff......
    ......I have no taste
    Normal price. Not bad for the price either
    I like this and after further googling I found this is made only 20 mins drive from my house. I thought it was a coors concoction but appears to be a proper cider/perry
    when something is at the price it should be and people think its a bargain xD.... ohh its on offer for a pound.. urr should be 69p
    MMMMMMmmmmmm Cider ....!!!!
    if you can find the pear one. its realy nice

    Straight outta Crumpton

    I actually laughed at that. And after some self-doubt I feel good about it. Good day, sir.
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