Crunchy Nut Clusters (Honey Nut & Chocolate) £1.34 Co-Op (From 26th May)

Crunchy Nut Clusters (Honey Nut & Chocolate) £1.34 Co-Op (From 26th May)

Found 25th May 2010Made hot 26th May 2010
Just picked up a leaflet with the latest deals from my local Co Op and Cruncy Nut Clusters are only £1.34! This price is both for the Honey and Nut box and Chocolate box.

These are on 'Rollback' at ASDA at the moment for £2 and thats a good price. These are normally £2.70 in ASDA and even dearer at the Co Op so it's less than half price.


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My local had them out on the shelves already and stating some consumer rights they had to sell me them at this price tonight even though they aren't officially on sale till tomorrow.

Going to give these a try at this price, thanks

Will have a look next week when the deal reaches the remoter parts of Yorkshire, kids actualy eat these at breakfast so is well worth it at this price, thanks.

omg hope it is this price, sweeet!

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Yeah it is this price. If you guys want 100% proof I will take a snap shot of the leaflet and post it up with all the deals on just let me know

Been wanting to try these for ages, at this price I am going to! Thanks

Yes its definitely this price today as I was in this morning and saw them - no one eats them in my house though so didn't get any but heat added for the deal!

This is a great price, going to stock up as these dont seem to come on offer much.

I picked a couple of boxes up yesterday from my co-op at this price.
Lovely (even without milk) and normally expensive.

I do love these (and voted hot) - but Aldi (yeah - I know) do a chocolate crunch brekie cerial for 99p a box which is just as nice IMO. So 99p vs £2.70 its Aldi every time (and yeah - I go in, buy 5 boxes of it and thats it lol!). But £1.34 I may treat myself

Been dying to try them, thanks for the heads up :-D


Been wanting to try these for ages, at this price I am going to! Thanks


Will this be Somerfield also?

thanks, thats me breakfast sorted for a month...

Thanks OP, picked up 2 from the bush hill park store. these are £2 in tesco

I just spent 2 quiddles on this the other day in Tesco. So tasty it's worth buying more though :thumbsup: (except for the crappy bit at the bottom which is less clusters and more dust).

These are fantastic, best cereal I've had in ages.

cheers op, got me 3 boxes just

like eating crumbled up tracker with milk


Thanks OP a bargain, Picked up 2

Why is this expired? The deal is still on at somerfield, which is part of co-op.
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