Crysis 2 (PC) for £2.10 @Tesco instore mis-price of course

Crysis 2 (PC) for £2.10 @Tesco instore mis-price of course

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Thanks to Neth for the xbox 360 and PS3 deal for £10.10. I got the PC version of Crysis 2 for £2.10. What are you waiting for? Go get em before they change the price.


You know what you're talking about, but those of us that haven't seen the deal Neth posted don't.

Fill us in a bit, what do we do to get this deal, is it online, or instore?

He's talking about this deal:…534

You just pop in-store and pick it up off the shelf.

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instore only and now in the title. i don't know how to post the picture so you can see my receipt clearly.

Upload it to photobucket or similar, then post the link here with [img] tags

But really after the number of crazy prices confirmed in Tesco stores today I'm not sure that's even necessary.

No it's not necessary, it's very believeable.

Tesco must have been letting the work experience kids put the prices in recently

buy at Tesco for £2.10 sell to CEX £12 sweet thanks

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Just been to Tesco and picked up the last copy of this for £2.10!!!!
Was initially looking for the 360 version of NFS Shift 2 and crysis for the 360.
Beat me to the post

can I find this in any tesco store ?

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tesco extra and if they have a games section I guess.

yep, I confirm it. I was going to post it. Just by chance I got it scanned witout any will to buy it as it was priced £15, just in case and I had the surprise. It was the very last one from New Malden tesco, I checked all the shelves. i really doubt that there are many around. good luck. I also got the last copy on xbox, no ps3 one( the one I really wanted).
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I asked the staff at my local store and they said they may be getting more delivered in the next few days? Might be worth spamming your store with a call

hi there. what store did you get this from? thanks

just bought it on ps3 for £10, wish i would of know this too!

Cheers! Just picked up a copy,8)

Can anyone confirm this at tescos medows camberley?

I don't want to make the trip and it's not on there.

LOL - Will GAME match?

None at Twickenham Extra or Osterly Extra.

Shugar buttys.. Its true, the wife just told me it was £15 !! ..scanned at £2.10.. thanks :0

NONE in New Oscoot Birmingham - All shelves were emtpy so asked the lad behind the entertainment counter - He advised that 30 mins ago he was asked to take them all off due to a mis price - Expired methinks.

None at my local Tesco- but they only have a very limited selection of games at horrendous prices.

LA Noire for £40.00, dream on Tesco. :P

NONE in New Oscott Birmingham - All shelves were emtpy so asked the lad behind the entertainment counter - He advised that 30 mins ago he was asked to take them all off due to a mis price - Expired methinks.

Just went to solihull Birmingham, had a copy of the limited edition at about £16, looked behind it and found the none limited edition, took it to the till and it scanned in at £2.10. If they did take them off the shelves they missed one!

None in Newmarket Road, Cambridge, they've even stopped stocking PC games altogether, largeish store aswell.


None at Tescos Copdock Ipswich

yay got the last one in Tesco Llansamlet.

I got a pic unfortunately it doesn't say crysis 2 just PC and a number
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Tesco Extra Gillingham kent has the deal (saw this and went stright out!) but no stock
It has 'Price Crash' next to it on their 'chart'.

Also BulletStorm for £15.

Thanks for posting, great deal

None in Meir Park/Longton stores in Stoke-on-Trent. Managed to pick up the last Shift on xbox.

All sold out in Tesco Alfreton.

Gotta luv miss prices when they pay off

Got the PS3 version earlier

Sold out in dunstable, any know if mk kingston has stock, tesco phone line is ridiculous

Anyone who of this is very lucky, they were told to take them off. I think this should expire now, as they not going to put them out at this price till it goes back to normal.

None at tesco Slough,

when i asked them to check, i could see the computer screen, said "none in stock" and confirmed price was £2.10.

I guess ill keep going til they get more in!

Thanks OP - picked up the only one at the Silverburn store in Glasgow. Crysis 2 for £2.10, lol.

None of the mispriced Xbox 360 or PS3 games were on display at Silverburn, not even the price labels, so they may well have been pulled, but they obviously didn't know about the PC version being at a ridiculous price.

Also got Shift 2 for PS3 from the Paisley store, so looks like I got the same games as the OP. They also had one copy of Crysis 2 on PS3 and two copies of Fight Night Champion on PS3. All the Xbox 360 ones were gone.

Just picked 2 up in Gallows Corner, Thanks so much

None at Thetford Tesco, but that's because they don't sell PC games!

Picked up the last Xbox360 one for £10.10 instead - see other thread.

Scanned at £15 in Barnsley Tesco

None at wath upon dearne Tesco either. Looks like it was pulled from shelf as POS was missing.

This is also another misprice should be £19, coming up as £9.20

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