Crysis: Maximum Edition £13 @Shopto

Crysis: Maximum Edition £13 @Shopto

Found 12th Sep 2009
Cheapest price I have ever seen it. It contains Crysis and both expansion packs.

The Entire Crysis World In One Box!

Finally, gamers can get their hands on the entire Crysis world in Crysis: Maximum Edition. The 2007 PC Game of the Year is packaged along with the critically acclaimed parallel story, Crysis: Warhead, and the explosive multiplayer combat of Crysis Wars. For newcomers to the Crysis world, Crysis: Maximum Edition gives players chance to don the Nanosuit in three different games. Whether they're saving mankind from an alien apocalypse or fighting alongside friends in online team instant action matches, there is something for everyone in Crysis: Maximum Edition.


* Confront an ancient alien terror to save mankind from extinction
* Adapt your approach - change combat tactics by customising your Nanosuit in real-time

Crysis: Warhead

* Fight as the volatile Sergeant Sykes on a secret mission to stop the enemy from obtaining a weapon that threatens humanity
* Discover what happened on the other side of the island in a campaign that takes place at the same time as the events of Crysis
* Never play the same way twice - experiment with going stealth or with guns blazing in over-the-top action

Crysis Wars

* Engage in many explosive multiplayer game modes on 21 total maps
* Up to 32 players can battle it out on foot or by vehicle in Team Instant Action, Power Struggle, and other online game modes


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I stand corrected. But still it doesn't seem to have been in stock for a while now and £13 certainly isn't a bad price for the game considering.

hmm.. ya I didn't check the stock, sorry.

Ordered crysis alone for under 7 yesterday from there.

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It didn't show up in the search thing because it was expired. I always do a search before posting anything. Oh, well.
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