Crysis (PC) - £12.89 @ Sendit
Crysis (PC) - £12.89 @ Sendit

Crysis (PC) - £12.89 @ Sendit

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Tech Spec:

* 3 GHz Processor,
* 2 GB RAM,
* 12.5 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required,
* DVD-ROM drive,
* 8x CD/DVD-Rom Speed,
* Graphics Card 256 MB,
* Sound Card (Direct X 9.0c Compatible),
* Keyboard,
* Mouse,
* Windows XP,
* Windows Vista


Adapt. Engage. Survive.

- Stunning visuals and advanced Cryengine 2 technology provide unmatched realism and intensity.
- Adapt combat tactics by customising your Nanosuit and weapons in real time.
- Confront an ancient alien terror to save mankind from extinction.
- Epic Multiplayer battles with up to 32 players in Instantaction and Powerstruggle Modes.


Not bad! Shame I spent more time in the menu tweaking this game to run on my system then actually playing it!

Ooooh, tempting...have been meaning to get this when it's cheap, but I don't know if now is the time for me to be spending money!

heh i sold this at a car boot for £7.50 and then i thought i did well.
The game is good but its just a tool used for benchmarking really. You will get bored of it real quick.

hot at this price.

Great game, you will need a good pc and graphics card to run it though even at medium level settings...

Crysis warhead is supposed to have the same graphics but better gameplay, although it is a couple of pounds more expensive. I haven't played either myself yet.

You again? Didn't I buy you a few weeks ago?

Still a good deal, mind you.

great deal, nice price but the game is a bit over rated.
it is true it has great graphics but story line and gameplay range from repetitive to boring. the only good part is at the end when you battle the big jellyfish-like robots

my advice is save your money and preorder GTA4 PC on play.com for 25£ incl delivery

you can get GTA4 cheaper than that on PC, Game overrated? What? like them all in the last ten years?

Be sure to download and install the latest patch before playing, it improves performance. Fantastic game, and stunning in the amount of detail and fun you can have.

Expired, back up to £25.89
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