Crysis [PC DVD-ROM] from SendIt ~ £12.89 (Free Del + 4% Quidco)
Crysis [PC DVD-ROM] from SendIt ~ £12.89 (Free Del + 4% Quidco)

Crysis [PC DVD-ROM] from SendIt ~ £12.89 (Free Del + 4% Quidco)

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SendIt are selling "Crysis" for the PC for £12.89 (inc Del.)

You can get cashback through the usual sites (e.g. 4% Quidco, making it £12.47)

Next best price seems to be £17.84 from Blah.


Adapt. Engage. Survive.

- Stunning visuals and advanced Cryengine 2 technology provide unmatched realism and intensity.
- Adapt combat tactics by customising your Nanosuit and weapons in real time.
- Confront an ancient alien terror to save mankind from extinction.
- Epic Multiplayer battles with up to 32 players in Instantaction and Powerstruggle Modes.


Simply excellent deal. Ive still not played Crysis yet so now I really have no excuse (not that I needed one :))


Ooo, I posted the £17.99 one from Argos, but this is the better deal. Voted hot!

I can finally order this. I didn't want to pay full price for it, because it has been out for a while, but I want it. Ordering now, heat added

You can put all the savings you've made towards a PC that can actually run it

I already have a PC that can run it

Good price voted hot, though I think I'll get the second one first as that seems to be getting the better reviews.

Crysis Warhead is more of an expansion pack for Crysis, it's far shorter a game. There are also some tweaks and additions which aren't in the original game, might be a bit of a rude awakening if you play the expansion pack first...;-)

Oh and the original Crysis doesn't have any ghastly drm restrictions, just a cd-key if I remember correctly.
Download patches, 1.1, 1.2 and 1.21 though people! (400mb though so really only for broadband users...) It optimizes the game.

spooky! Was just entering cc details on base.com for this at 17.99, and thought id just check here for any experiences of base.com, an whaddya know - top of the hot list :?

Great price tho, voted hot
just hope my PC is up to it - need an excuse for an upgrade anyway :-D

A kickass game - you think it's all about the graphics but it's not, it's got atmosphere and depth and is incredibly enjoyable. Nothing is better than hearing your suit go 'Maximum strength' before you leap over a rock or punch a building down.

The standalone expansion pack (which is surely an oxymoron), Crysis Warhead, just came out and I've just started playing it. It accompanies the original game as it's set at the same time, but you play it from the point of view of one of the other characters.

It's actually 12.89 now apparently. Awright! More savings!
Heat and Repped

If you have the PC to run it- get it at this price- great games - HOT

Its a good game. Even if you don't have a PC capable of running it at enthusiaist settings, the second best gamers setting is still very pretty.

Great game. To run this on the highest settings you will need an amazingly powerful pc...

Original Poster


It's actually 12.89 now apparently. Awright! More savings!

Thanks It was £12.89 when I posted, but I messed up. :oops:

Fantastic game, buy it at this price but make sure you have the system
to run it, ideally quad core, 4 gig ram & fast graphics card, otherwise you
will never be happy with the reduced eye candy.

i got this in game last week on sale @ 19.99 ,wish i'd checked here first

Feelin Hot Hot Hot - thanks for posting this wicked deal.

Shame. Just checked and it's 29.99
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