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Crystal Head Vodka 70cl £34.90 at Amazon
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Crystal Head Vodka 70cl £34.90 at Amazon

Posted 21st Nov 2015
Crystal Head Vodka 70cl down to £34.90 delivered at Amazon. Lowest ever price for this premium vodka according to Camelcamelcamel.

I have been watching this vodka for a while, it normally retails for around £40 a bottle but I noticed a couple of price drops on Amazon yesterday. Initially to £37.39, then £36.50 and now £34.90. I've been anticipating a Black Friday week deal, but for less than £35, I've ordered one.

Those familiar with Crystal Head vodka will know there's much more to it than just a fancy bottle. Regarded as one of the world's top vodkas, the Amazon info reads:

About the Product

• Crystal Head Vodka contains no additives, added sugar or citrus oils, which are common in many types of vodka. There is a real emphasis on purity.
• This premium vodka gives a creamy mouth feel and very subtle citrus and aniseed flavours. Created by Dan Aykroyd to be the purest vodka, the spirit has received critical acclaim, winning Double Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition
• "Silky and smooth with vanilla, a clean, dry spirit with a kick of heat on the finish 91 Points." Anthony Dias Blue, The Tasting Panel Magazine

I am currently debating whether or not to order another...
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Looks like a bottle of diesel, or Police fragrance. Couldn't i just tip vodka into one of those bottles? :P
If it wasn't in a fancy bottle.. Would you buy vodka from Canada

Hell no.. So if your paying that then gp for something which will be worth it. Van Gogh Blue Vodka is my favourite
I received this as a gift...I like it! It's different, I am a vodka person, probably would have purchased for myself at some point, even if it was just for the empty bottle after! It blows your head off neat, so confirms it's been distilled differently etc. Great price,hot op.
Vodka equivalent of a malt whiskey, try Dover 31 for cheap price . I 've bought it several times although in the 1ltr or jereboneme size
You can always sell the bottle after, they go for around £10 on ebay
Paying for bottle. The vodka is a poor standard compared to some of the premium vodka's out there Grey goose etc!
Is this the one owned by Dan Ackroyde?
Is it actually nice, is any vodka nice? I drink cheap vodkas, usually Russian Standard mixed but drinking neat is not nice at all, is it the same with more premium vodkas, is it still a harsh neat drink?

Is this the one owned by Dan Ackroyde?

Gold Medal for Excellent Taste at the 2013 Moscow ProdExpo Internation Tasting Contest .So even the Russians like it in spite of Dan Ackroyd's rather odd new-age "purity" ideas; pretty much additive free, so pretty much pure grain alcohol and distilled water.Won't pollute your precious bodily fluids this stuff.
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