C.S.I. NY - Season 2 - Part 2 (3 disc) £9.99 & Quidco!

C.S.I. NY - Season 2 - Part 2 (3 disc) £9.99 & Quidco!

Found 10th Jul 2007
The head of the lab is no-nonsense First Grade Detective Mac Taylor (Sinise), taking a scientist's eye to crime, Mac believes that everything is connected no matter how big or small. Originally from Chicago, his military background fast-tracked him through the force, leading him, ultimately to the crime lab. Mac's trusted second in command Second Grade Detective Stella Bonasera (Kanakaredes) her half Greek, half Italian heritage is New York through and through. A tough uncompromising officer, Bonasera is a match for anyone in and outside the lab. Joining Taylor and Bonasera are Third Grade Detective Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) and Third Grade Detective Aiden Burn (Vanessa Ferlito), both tough young officers completely dedicated to Mac and their work. Features the second half of the second series.

Says the RRP is £19.99 then 50% off sale, but in fact I think the RRP should be £39.99 as that is the case for all of the other CSI sets.
Possibly a mis-price.


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