CSI R2 DVD Boxset offers £9.99 (inc Vegas, NY and Miami) or R1 Full series from £18.99
CSI R2 DVD Boxset offers £9.99 (inc Vegas, NY and Miami) or R1 Full series from £18.99

CSI R2 DVD Boxset offers £9.99 (inc Vegas, NY and Miami) or R1 Full series from £18.99

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This started as just at the choices but then didnt want people to go this is cheaper elsewhere.... so have now compiled a list of the prices of most of the series (missed out a couple of the newer ones) and where they are cheapest, (will edit this if people have know where to get them cheaper) Hope it helps someone and dont moan as this took ages...

CSI S1 P1- £9.99 (www.choicesuk.com)
CSI S1 P2- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI S2 P1- £11.99 (cd-wow.com or £12.99 at play.com)
CSI S2 P2- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI S3 P1- £9.99 (www.choicesuk.com)
CSI S3 P2- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI S4 P1- £9.99 (www.choicesuk.com)
CSI S4 P2- £9.99 (www.choicesuk.com)
CSI S5 P1- £9.99 (www.choicesuk.com)
CSI S5 P2- £9.99 (www.choicesuk.com)
CSI S6 P1- £11.99 (cd-wow.com or £12.75 at www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI S6 P2- £11.99 (cd-wow.com or £12.75 at www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI S7 P1- £11.99 (cd-wow.com)

CSI NY- S1 P1- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI NY- S1 P2- £11.99 (cd-wow.com)
CSI NY- S2 P1- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI NY- S2 P2- £9.99 (www.choicesuk.com)
CSI NY- S3 P1- £11.99 (www.blahdvd.co.uk)
CSI NY- S3 P2- £11.99 (cd-wow.com)

CSI Miami- S1 P1- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI Miami- S1 P2- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI Miami- S2 P1- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI Miami- S2 P2- £11.99 (cd-wow.com)
CSI Miami- S3 P1- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI Miami- S3 P2- £11.95 (www.dvd.co.uk)
CSI Miami- S4 P1- £11.99 (cd-wow.com)
CSI Miami- S4 P2- £11.99 (www.blahdvd.co.uk)

Full Boxsets BUT ARE REGION 1:
CSI S1- £18.99
CSI S3- £18.99
CSI S4- £18.99
CSI Miami S1- £18.99
CSI Miami S2- £18.99


These are the only ones I can find cheaper. Also they do complete seasons (region 1) @ £18.99
All have 4% Quidco
Season six part one £11.99
season six part two £11.99
season seven part one £11.99
CSI Miami: Season Two Part Two £11.99
CSI Miami: Season Four Part One £11.99
CSI NY: Season One Part Two £11.99
CSI NY: Season Three Part Two £11.99

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I just added the full series a minute ago hadnt noticed the others cheaper at CD WOW thanks,

If you go through this link to CDWOW you will get another £1 OFF

credit to em for the link.

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Thats a very good point i dont know whether to get vegas or miami now umm....

Also can anyone tell me if a 360 dvd player is region free?

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anyone help please?

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Does no-one know?
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