CTEK MXS 7.0 7A 12V Multi-Functional 8-Stage Car Battery Charger £78.93 direct from Amazon (or £74.54 Marketplace) Lowest ever prices

CTEK MXS 7.0 7A 12V Multi-Functional 8-Stage Car Battery Charger £78.93 direct from Amazon (or £74.54 Marketplace) Lowest ever prices

Found 19th Nov 2014
Lowest price ever for this on Amazon. And there is no other charger on the market as good as a CTEK.

The MXS 7.0 is the perfect universal 12V charger. It is ideal for charging larger batteries such as caravan, RV, boat and car batteries. The MXS 7.0 is a fully automatic 8-step charger that delivers 7A to 12V batteries from 14–150Ah and is suitable for maintenance charging up to 225Ah.

Charges batteries from 14Ah up to 150Ah
Maintains larger batteries up to 225Ah
Supply mode – can be used as a 12V power source to protect electrical settings
Splash resistant & dust-proof to IP65
5 year warranty
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Have to admit that with my new car battery costing around £60, I was happy to spend around £13 on a Lidl/Aldi charger though of course one has to buy it when Lidl/Aldi have it ie 1-2wks/year...
eg hotukdeals.com/dea…247

Though obviously a good price for this charger on HUKD for charger/battery connoisseurs.
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Hell of a lot of money for a battery charger IMO .. even although it may well be cheaper than ever before
Not claiming it's the exact same model but i bought a ctek charger for maintaining and charging my motorbike battery a few years ago and it was only £30!!!
Got the ctek mxs 10 when it was £95, it has the whole caboodle same as this but 10amp. Not had much use of it, impulse buy, can say it can't revive a dead battery. Personally it was a bad buy as I don't use it to regularly top up battery as you should with regular vehicle maintenance.
If going for one make full use of it's features and it will be a good buy else buy a cheapo, you won't have lost much when you need to replace your battery.
This is an excellent price for a top of the range charger, I use one at work on a daily basis to recondition old batteries by de-suphating the plates and also to charge leisure and starter batteries before sale as they are always delivered with the charge based on the when they were filled at production; batteries need cycling from new to ensure maximum capacity is available. A charger such as this will unlock the maximum capacity of the battery because of how it works, which not all chargers will do as lesser chargers will not charge a battery to 100% of its maximum potential. This will charge, starter, leisure, AGM, Gel and act as. DC supply. Ctek also support their chargers with a five year warranty too! I wouldn't ever consider using another charger, as this will maximise the life span of a battery.
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