Cube Box Set (Cube / Cube 2 / Cube Zero) (3 Discs) - only £7.99!!
Cube Box Set (Cube / Cube 2 / Cube Zero) (3 Discs) - only £7.99!!

Cube Box Set (Cube / Cube 2 / Cube Zero) (3 Discs) - only £7.99!!

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I've seen the first movie in this set, but not the second and third, so I cannot voice my opinion on them. But this is a good price for all 3 - £7.99 from play.com, and the cheapest elsewhere is about £14 - so this is nearly half the price of all other sites.

It currently says temporarily out of stock with play, but play are excellent at getting the stock back in when the website says this - trust me!

Details: Cube: Six Strangers awaken from their daily lives to find themselves trapped in a surreal prison - a seemingly endless maze of interlocking cubical chambers armed with lethal booby traps. None of these people knows why or how they were imprisoned. But it soon emerges that each of them has a skill that could contribute to their escape.
Who created this diabolical maze, and why? There are unanswered questions on every side, whilst personality conflicts and struggles for power emerge as the tension rises. But one thing is crystal clear: unless they can learn to co-operate to work out the secrets of this deadly trap, none of them has very long to live.

Cube 2 - Hypercube: Imagine waking up in a in a cube shaped room with a bunch of strangers. Nobody can remember how and why they are there and nobody knows how to get out. Feel the suspense as you witness the horror of eight people who find themselves in just such a predicament. Trapped in a world where the rules of physics do not apply, each of the eight must use a special skill to help them survive - unfortunately, only one of them can!

Cube Zero:Isolation. Panic. Terror.
The third 'Cube' movie provides more sci-fi horror as a prequel to the original movie where a terrified group are trapped inside the titular object, along with its creator...


Cube was good, Cube 2 was a big pile of pants, and I've not seen the 3rd (Prequel) yet. I can't imagine it would be that good though.

The prequel is much better than cube2. Not so good as the first cube though.

£7.99 is a good price. Thanks Emma.

Cube 2 is pretty rubbish but the 1st is excellent, and the 3rd is quite entertaining. I was just looking for Cube cheap the other day actually so this is good timing, cheers.

Been after these for a while. Cracking price. Thanks very much.
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